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AesendriaWell since I am on my bi yearly return to cause havoc in COLA, I thought I would re-put up my background. I even did a new writeup in a style I saw on these boards here. So here goes with new shit:

[b]Name:[/b] Aesendria (Asuran for “Flower of Hate”) Birth name: Gul Mina (Pashtun for “Flower of Love”)
[b]Age:[/b] 998 (born in 1041 AD in Parachinar, a village in modern day Pakistan, during the Ghaznavid Dynasty)
[b]Alignment:[/b] Chaotic Evil
[b]Talents/Skills:[/b] Shapeshifting, Vampiric Empathy, Demonic Thaumaturgy, Distilled Memory (creates potions that allow the imbiber to experience certain captured memories as if they were their own), “Fetish Napalm” which is the ability to shoot acidic cum when she grows dick tentacles. She can shoot enough to bukkake cover a person, the cum sticks to their flesh and burns them like napalm. Speaks Pashtun, Persian, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, English, French, Japanese, Cantonese, Asuran (demonic language), Abyssal (other demonic language)
[b]Birth order:[/b] Only Child
[b]Siblings:[/b] None
[b]Spouse:[/b] None
[b]Children:[/b] None
[b]Parents:[/b] Daryab (father, dead), Sabiha (mother, died in childbirth)
[b]Grandparents:[/b] Unknown
[b]Grandchildren:[/b] None
[b]Height:[/b] 5'6" (but varies)
[b]Weight:[/b] 120 lbs (but varies)
[b]Race:[/b] Eidolon (Asura-themed Demonic influence), physically Pashtun with very pale skin
[b]Eye Color: [/b]Red
[b]Hair Color:[/b] Black
[b]Glasses or contact lenses:[/b] No
[b]Skin color:[/b] Unnaturally pale
[b]Distinguishing features:[/b] Always has tattoos in any form she takes. These tattoos were formed when she was stoned to death by the people of Parachinar. Each line in the tattoos represents a person she has killed. Every time she kills, a line is added to the pattern. The tattoos can shift pattern or design but the individual lines are maintained though the pattern of them changes.
[b]How does she dress?:[/b] Typically Aes goes nude. When she goes incognito in the city her dress and style varies considerably.
[b]Mannerisms:[/b] Acts in a sensual, exaggeratedly sexual manner but with more than a hint of malice and danger woven through.
[b]Habits:[/b] Has a fondness for raping and murdering those she deems too 'good' and 'popular'
[b]Health:[/b] Extremely good health, considering she is undead this is not much of a concern.
[b]Hobbies:[/b] Tormenting the good and decent folk of the city much like a cat torments a mouse.
[b]Disabilities:[/b] As a child of Abaddon, she flies into rages at odd times, especially when confronted with hypocrisy from people who place themselves in a role of protector or guardian to the city.

[b]Greatest flaw:[/b] Aesendria is deeply twisted sexually due to her background of rape and torment by the 'good and decent' folk of her village. Her experience as a woman living under fairly radical forms of Islam have twisted her view of religion to the point she only sees the dark and negative side of organized religion. She truly thinks she is on the side of right by smashing those who see themselves as good and decent folk. To her she is rooting out hypocrisy.
[b]Best quality:[/b] Creativity and cleverness in general. In her own bizarre way she truly cares about people and believes she is doing good.
[b]Educational Background:[/b] Extremely poor education growing up limited to the Quran and basic medieval herbal remedies. Since then she has spent hundreds of years studying demonic thaumaturgy. Though she is almost 1000 years old, as an Eidolon she is limited in some ways, her mind has trouble focusing on anything beyond those she is obsessed with in undeath, leading to a lack of intellectual development one might expect in a 1000 year old being.
[b]Intelligence Level:[/b] Above average
[b]Any Mental Illnesses?:[/b] She can be considered a big ball of mental illness. She hates those who set themselves up as superior to others. Anyone who claims to be a protector or 'good' or a religious figure immediately angers her. She enjoys tormenting people to the point of intense physical pain and rape. She was raped and murdered by people who saw themselves as good and pious religious folk and she relives this every time she rapes and murders someone who is good and pious. Likewise she has a weak spot for anyone who too closely resembles her own tragic life arc and will usually leave them alone or even help them.

[b]Character's short-term goals in life:[/b] To torment those who claim to be good and pious protectors of those beneath them. To attack anyone who sets themselves up as superior to the common folk.
[b]Character's long-term goals in life:[/b] Aesendria is in some ways more of an elemental force of nature and spends whole decades in a sort of fugue state given over to her rage and hatred. Its hard for her to plan anything longer term than the immediate future
[b]How does your character see himself/herself?:[/b] She is righteous and morally superior to the fakers and charlatans who claim to be on the side of good and virtue. They are deceivers who abuse their power, she punishes them for those abuses. They are evil, she is good.
[b]How does your character believe he/she is perceived by others?:[/b] Most people are too blinded by the lies of the pious folk to perceive her works as good. They are blind fools.
[b]How self-confident is the character?:[/b] She is extremely confident in her abilities and is not afraid of much. Still when there are overwhelming odds (like she's about to take on an entire faction herself say) she is wise enough to back off til she can seek an advantage.
[b]Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof?: [/b]Aesendria is completely ruled by her emotions, in her case this is dominantly rage and hatred. Logic is something that people who are not undead embodiments of Wrath can use.
[b]What would most embarrass this character?:[/b] Nothing. She runs around nude hosing people down with acid cum. What's going to embarrass her?
[b]Introvert or Extrovert?:[/b] Extreme extrovert.

[b]How does the character deal with anger?: [/b]By raping and/or killing people.
[b]With sadness?:[/b] By raping and / or killing people. Not necessarily in that order.
[b]With conflict?:[/b] By raping and/or killing people, sometimes by playing with people to torment them more long term
[b]With change?:[/b] Poorly. She is a spirit and is locked into the experiences of her death. It is very hard for her to change these views or change herself.
[b]With loss?:[/b] Well, simply because she is so driven by her undead focuses that its hard to perceive anything she loses as worthwhile.
[b]What does the character want out of life?:[/b] To punish those who set themselves as superior to others.
[b]What would the character like to change in his/her life?:[/b] Nothing. She is incapable of thinking in such terms.
[b]What motivates this character?:[/b] Hate.
[b]What frightens this character?:[/b] Love.
[b]What makes this character happy?: [/b]Nothing. She is consumed by hate and wrath. Its difficult to feel any other emotions for long periods. Happiness is something mortals feel.

[b]Is the character judgmental of others?:[/b] Extremely, to the point of raping and murdering those who don't measure up to her standards.
[b]Is the character generous or stingy?:[/b] Stingy.
[b]Is the character generally polite or rude?:[/b] Rude as a way of testing people's reactions and whether they need killing or not.
[b]Does the character believe in God?:[/b] Yes, her view of god is that of Allah from the Quran. She hates Him for lying to her.
[b]What are the character's spiritual beliefs?:[/b] Maltheism. She basically believes that God/Allah is an evil force that betrays and lies to people and forces an unnatural order upon the universe. The Seven Lords of the Underworld are the true good figures and allow people to break free from the shackles of 'goodness' to follow their own paths and make their own destiny apart from union with a godhead. She sees ascendance to heaven as akin to spiritual death, where the individual is destroyed and replaced as a little automaton following the teachings of God.
[b]Is religion or spirituality a part of this character's life?:[/b] Yes.
[b]If so, what role does it play?:[/b] Worship of Abaddon and the other seven lords of hell is a daily part of Aesendria's unlife.
04/24/09 15:34

It is said but Allah alone knows the truth that in the 66th year, sixth month, sixth day, sixth hour sixth minute and sixth second of the Ghaznavid Dynasty (1041 AD), a girl child of dark and terrible fate was born in the village of Parachinar high in the Hindu Kush Mountains. Great Allah, peace be upon him, in his mercy granted mortal men two omens to stave off the darkness that was to come. The first, at her birth, was the omen of her flesh.

The child was born twisted and deformed. She was unable to see out of one eye or to move one arm. Her back was hunched and even walking was painful to her. Seeing the obvious signs of Merciful Allah's displeasure with this child, the townsfolk of Parachinar asked the child's father to put her to death. Fate is not so easily thwarted, however. The child's father was a good but lonely man without family save for his beloved wife. She died in the childbirth of the beastly and accursed infant, so he was left alone in the world.

Unable to face such a daunting test from Merciful Allah, peace be upon him, the man refused what he knew was right and allowed the child to fester and grow. The fool named the twisted girl Gul Mina, which in Pashtun means Flower of Love.

Little Gul Mina had no brothers or uncles or cousins, no aunts or sisters, so she grew up alone with her doting father. Little Gul Mina's hideousness could not be hidden from sight. Even in the full body covering of a burqa her slouch and useless arm were obvious. Not one man in Parachinar had a single kind thought of her save her father. The women and girls were even crueler. She was the subjected to vicious rumor, violent assaults and endless harassment by the beautiful girls of the village and their men. The best she could hope for among the others of the village was pity or contempt.

And so it was that Gul Mina was raised alone with her father in their homefar outside town. To fill her time and give her a much needed outlet, her father taught her to read.

She spent her days studying the only book her father owned, the Qu'ran, which was and is nearly unheard of among the women of the Hindu Kush. Gul Mina dedicated her life to Allah, to philosophy and to medicine. She learned how to heal and mend and ease some of her own suffering, and did what she could to aid those who would let her. Only a few passing worldly travelers would even let her near them. She grew to an adult having never touched a single other human being save her father and having never heard a kind word save from his lips. It tormented her but she bore this burden and thanked Allah for the things she and her father did have.

When she was twenty, far past the normal child rearing age for a woman of that era, her father was sick, too sick to move or feed himself, and at risk of dying. She did what she could but her meager healing talents were of no use to him in his condition. His condition grew worse and worse until Gul Mina did the unthinkable for a Muslim woman.

She went into town without a man to escort her. The locals were shocked when they saw her hunched over, limping slowly up the road alone. Her burqa fit poorly, one lumpy misshapen foot stuck out, exposing the men of the village to the temptation of her disgusting flesh.

She told them of her father and his condition but they would not listen. She was beaten with sticks and drug outside of town. She was clubbed with rocks, spit upon, urinated and defecated upon, then rolled into a ditch. Even still, some of the men of the village were taken in by her feminine whiles. Three younger men descended into the ditch and found her and raped her all day and all night, again and again. Now her flesh was even more twisted and broken.

She crawled on her hands and knees back to her father's hut. All she could do was sit by his bedside and pray. She did this all day and all night for five days, not sleeping or eating or moving save for prayer to merciful Allah, peace be upon him.

On the fifth day, the demon appeared.

He was a beautiful Asura from the Hindu lowlands, and Gul Mina never learned his name. Like many of the Asura he had a serpentine aspect. Lithe of body, six arms, a feminine beauty. He appeared by her father's bedside and peered down at her with a sensual smile upon his perfect lips.

"Allah does not hear you beautiful flower," the demon said to her.

"You mock me demon, Begone, in the name of Allah the Merciful, peace be upon him."

But the demon just laughed and leaned down letting his serpentine tongue play across her ear. She stared at her father, refusing to allow the demon to tempt her. She recited her prayers and ignored him. He slithered around her, whispering the sweet words of a lover in her ear, Words she had only heard whispered to other women, words she longed for in her deepest fantasies. And from such a beautiful and sensual man.

"There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet," she intoned stoically. "You cannot tempt me." But oh how hollow were her words.

The Asura left her side eventually, though his laughter echoed through the house for a full day afterwards. Gul Mina's father recovered eventually, well enough to walk and to tend to himself. Gul Mina told him everything that had happened. And the second Omen was seen. Raped, he should have performed an honor killing upon her. Having been visited by a demon, he should have done the same. But her father was a weak and soft man. He allowed her to live, wasting the second Omen Merciful Allah, peace be upon him, granted to mortal men.

Gul Mina and her father survived another year like this. He slowly weakened day by day, even as she studied the healing arts. Slowly she began to establish contacts with the more open minded women of the village. They would barter with her for basic goods but only for at least triple the price they would charge anyone else. Even this handful of women looked upon her with hate in their eyes knowing what a foul and twisted thing she was.

Every sixth night, upon the sixth hour and sixth minute, the Asura would return to her bedchamber and whisper sweet soft things to her, promise her beauty, power, revenge, anything she wished. And every time she refused and prayed.

People in the village began whispering about her, calling her a witch for her healing talents... saying she was poisoning and beguiling her aging father for her own sinister purposes. A gang of men formed to talk sense into her father, but he would have none of it. "She is more pious than any among you," he said, "She knows nothing but the word of Allah, peace be upon him."

The pressure in town built and built until the day her father died. On that day, the men of the village returned, more determined than ever to make her father see reason. When they arrived and found him dead, they blamed Gul Mina. They called her a witch, and seized her and drug her off back to town. There they beat her again and whipped her and prepared her for stoning.

She begged for mercy, screamed to Allah, peace be upon him, to show her mercy. But he would not hear her cries. She was chained... and the women of the village seized stones... as they flew they broke Gul Mina's body, shattered her bones. The white gauze burqa they had wrapped her flesh in turned blood red as the stones pounded her. And still she prayed to Allah, peace be upon him.

It was then she noticed her Asura, standing among the villagers, unseen but by her eyes.

"Beautiful flower, reach out your hand, do but that, and I will save you. Allah does not hear you, none save your father have shown you a moment's joy or happiness. Reach out to me, embrace the darkness that loves you, and it will cherish and protect you always."

Tears streamed down her cheeks... and she turned her face to the heavens and cursed the name of Allah, peace be upon him. Torn, broken, near the last whispers of her life, she reached out to the Asura, and embraced the night.

The Asura smiled and reached out. His fingers turned into snakes that lashed out from his body and bit into her. And where their fangs sunk in, they turned into inky tendrils of flesh. her body bubbled and boiled... changing into her inner vision of savage beauty. She was reborn amidst her own stoning, a demoness...

And the Asura smiled, "And I shall name you Aesendria, which in the Abyssal tongue means Flower of Hate," And so Aesendria smiled upon the villagers who had tormented her her entire life. Not one villager escaped alive. Their bodies were found raped, mutilated, torn asunder, in unspeakable conditions. From that day forth, the name Aesendria was spoken of in hushed whispers throughout the Hindu Kush, the demoness of lust and rape and revenge.
04/24/09 15:36
Keyla<3 love it, Aes. That is one hell of a background story.
Now I want more :)
04/30/09 09:43
Nosferatuwow04/30/09 11:25
Taala Klaar*is seen with a small hammer and chisel set, sculpting a great big statue of Aes, tentacles present and all, standing in a dynamic pose... sees that his cover has been blown, and scatters like a hobo in an old house*07/17/09 20:33
Duxyes great story... Moree I must have more :)07/17/09 21:16
Chunja_HaedongGreat story, Aesendria! I usually don't read these because I don't have time and wouldn't know the information IC anyway -- but I clicked on the link from the news page and ended up here and I'm glad I did.07/17/09 22:50
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