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Kwekwe KaruKwe Kiase, Hello Cousin, Backstory, finally written today during coffee break, Lunch and while waiting for daughters at Dance Class

Kwekwe Backstory:

Spring 1914 Somewhere in the territory of the five civilized nations.

My companion since childhood Cousin Asil and I are among the five civilized nations working among the people to earn enough to buy food and learn trades. By night we repose in a burned out tenement building. The Elders we visit are happy to share their knowledge with us and glad for our company and help in their daily routines. One older gentleman takes a special interest in us and we learn much of the healing arts from Elder Barney Bushyhead while helping him on his meager plot of land. The man is a veritable fountain of information and our eager young minds soak it up with relish.

One afternoon as Asil hunts the property for herbs for a ceremony that evening to heal a young woman who's having a troubled pregnancy , Barney takes me to his barn where he has a furnace setup to make horseshoes and various other items of a blacksmith he teaches me some basics of its use and I prove to be an apt pupil. I pickup the craft as if second nature and this in later years proves quite useful in the crafting of weapons and tools. Upon Asil's return with the herbs she sought and making the proper offerings of tobacco I show her with pride the crude items I've made with pride and she smiles and pats my arm and say "oh Cousin you love to tinker so" as she hands the herbs to Barney. We bid him farewell, go and have a modest meal of bread and cheese then return to our palatial burned out tenement for the evening. The next morning we hear of yet another corpse found in a nearby alley drained of blood.

September 5, 1914 late evening in burned out tenement

Asil and I rest as the night wears on close to 11, I hear noise in the rooms across from us and catch a glimpse of pale flesh through the holes in the lath and plaster walls and I grab her arm and run dragging her along down the stairs. As we reach the landing we see another Pale person guarding the door so we race into sitting room seeking escape but this is a dead end room. Asil points at the crumbling wall leading toward the alley and I understand immediately her meaning and hurl myself at the wall trying to break through, once twice and third time the wall collapses into the alley. Asil places finger to lips and signs to quiet and points to end of the alley pulls a blade seemingly from nowhere and we inch up the alley trying to find a way past the pale woman guarding our exit. I motion to Asil, to hang back and whisper I'll keep this one busy and you run , do not look back I'll meet you in Mohawk Territory if I am able Never return here. Asil tries to hand me her blade but I push it back into her hand, it's only 1 woman keep your blade you may need it Cousin before the night is through. I fling myself forward at the woman and attempt to push her aside so Asil may escape and am thrown back against the wall as if a rag-doll, this woman's strength seems unbelievable, stunned I slide down the wall to the ground. The woman turns to close on Asil who raises her blade defiantly and sings her death song, I try to stand and shake the cobwebs from my mind as things seem to happen in slow motion. Asil feints with her blade as the pale woman closes on her, the woman seems to be on her effortlessly, the blade is torn from her grip and she is tossed aside and turns back to me a smile curling on her lips, I throw myself upon the woman and hold on with all my strength and will and shout to Asil to run, somehow I am able to hold this extraordinarily powerful woman as Asil runs tears in her eyes past and out of the alley to safety, the last time I shall see her for years. The woman laughs and tosses me to the wall again effortlessly and I crumble to the ground unconscious.

I awaken sometime later not knowing where I am or how I got there, my wounds cleaned and dressed and a deep pain in my throat restrained hands, feet and even my head. I hear a mans voice off beyond my peripheral vision say derisively "Your new plaything is conscious Mistress" and footsteps leading away. Moments later the woman I'd fought earlier but she is no longer pale.
I strain against my restraints as she approaches then smiles at me. I try to speak but only a low croak emits from my throat, she shushes me and says don't speak you are parched, she undoes the restraint holding my head down and gently lifts my head and brings a goblet to my lips and bids me drink deeply. I drink the liquid hungrily down spilling and gulping it down , it tastes strange but the more I drink the stronger I feel, I drain the goblet to the dregs. The woman smiles again down on me and says you've a voracious appetite my fledgling. Within moments I feel as though I could tear the restraints off and nothing could hold me feeling more strength in my body than ever I have before. The woman tells me , you're transformation is complete now fledgling, my name is Mistress Ona and you now belong wholly to me. my kindred wished to simply drain and leave you to perish but your voracious fighting to save your woman made me see more than a meal in you. She is NOT my woman I spit out at her, she is my dear Cousin. What have you done to me, what do you mean my transformation is complete? She laughs liltingly and says my dear you're now Kindred, the Undead, a Vampyre. Disbelief fills my face and she laughs heartily now it is true and there it naught you can do about it now fledgling. You will now sleep in the day and hunt the night to feed your need, eventually you shall be able to control the hunger and feed only when you wish but that will take time my pet. Rest now your hunger is fed, feel free to roam the building but do not attempt to leave it.

Prologue: Years pass and I come to love my Mistress Ona and am thankful for her dark gift to me. I've run into other Karu including my cousin Arissa another Kindred from Romania. Tis funny, I am Kanien'kehaka, person of the flint place, and have family ties who where here when the Pilgrims landed and ties to those on the ship as well...............
12/12/08 01:02
MissyWow... I'd have been a whole HELL of a lot more scared of you when I ran into you in Molly's warehouse had I known this story when I first came to CoLA. Heh.

Now we're buds and it's just too late dude for me to fear you :P.

Great story Kwekwe!
12/12/08 01:45
Kwekwe KaruAwww TY Missy :-)

Always been so sweet to this Lustful Vampyre, tho I rarely visit Aracadia much these days, spend much of my time in North Holly Bay with my cousins Arissa and Cheryl(Justice Clan) or in Hollis Park(New SIM) with Cousin Asil and following Joec's orders as a Mercenary in the Guns for Hire Clan. I hope to run into you soon, it has been far too long since I've gazed upon your beautiful face(and taken pix to make Comic book images of you heheheeh)

O:nen ki' wahi' Goodbye for now

12/13/08 23:59
Asil KaruAnd then, against all hope, we found each other on the streets of Aracadia. You are my compass in this mad world, dearest cousin. May the ancestors keep you safe.12/20/08 02:20
Kwekwe KaruNia:wen kowa kiase, Thank you so much Cousin.12/20/08 20:14
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