Weaponry is COLA is restricted. This is to create a fair system of combat and maintain a somewhat realistic atmosphere. Listed below are those weapons that are permitted and those that are banned. If you do not see your weapon listed in either location then contact a GM and arrange for a test. The GM can determine if your weapon is legal in COLA.

General Guidelines

* Does it have an extremely high rate of fire? If it does, does it have infinite ammunition? If so, its not allowed.
* Do you have to reload the weapon? If not, its probably not going to be good for combat here unless its rate of fire is realistic.
* Does it use extremely laggy explosive/particle based rounds? If so, its probably not allowed.
* Does it cage/push/orbit people? If so, its not allowed.

When choosing weapons please be faithful to what your character would really carry. For example, A 1,000 year old vampire just risen from torpor would probably feel more comfortable using swords and axes rather than MAC-10s or an M-60. Where would such a character have learned to use modern, automatic weapons? If you really want to use something like that then RP learning how to use it. Find a teacher, RP missing a lot and so forth. Use it as an excuse to grow your character. Don't pick weapons simple because they do the most damage..

Weapon Stacking

Weapon Stacking is not allowed in Lost Angels or its surrounding sims. Weapons stacking is defined as having to many weapons attached, for example two two handed weapons is a no no. If you are not sure if you are stacking weapons please contact a staff member for further clarification. This is a per body rule, not per hand and it does include weapons that take up only HUD spaces such as melee weapons. Some examples are listed below:

  • One, two handed gun equipped and ready to use. Legal and not considered weapon stacking.
  • Two, two handed guns equipped and ready to use. Illegal and is considered weapon stacking.
  • One two handed gun and a melee weapon. Illegal and is considered weapon stacking.
  • One one handed melee weapon and one one handed gun. Legal and is not weapon stacking.

Approved Weapons

Unless listed below melee weapons in general are ok to use as long as they have animations to show you attacking (or you have something else that animates you). All melee damage is controlled by the CCS system.

Guns are more problematic because freebie gun scripts are easily available and tossed into most anything. Here is a list of manufacturers that use the CCS 3rd party API (which allows better interaction wit the CCS system) or have guns that meet the basic requirements of the CCS system.

CCS 3rd Party Developers

If there is not an RP-mode then you need to set the following:

1) turn off particle effects

2) turn on reloads

3) turn off shell/magazine ejection

4) turn off radars

5) choose standard damage (sometimes called safe or training) rounds. All other rounds (i.e. smoke, foam, orbit, nuke, phantom, etc.) are forbidden. This reduces the lag in the sim and keeps the weapons balanced. Weapons that come with an RP mode usually set all of the above for you so using the RP mode is strongly encouraged.

Banned Weapons

1) Melee:
The following melee weapons are banned.

!!AV* the black Predator Claws "bloodbath" - it has a special attack mode that pushes.




Freebie weapons in general are banned. This is not because we're mean..its because freebie weapons are, in general, horribly scripted, badly designed and tend to cause all kinds of sim level resource issues...leading to sim crashes and to degradation of sim performance. Rule of thumb is that nothing good is cheap, easy, or free, and in SL thats just as real as it is in real life.




(In the case of the two above rifles, there are many rifles out there that use the SCRIPTS from the G36...which makes them just as bad. If you rez it, and it has 10000 rounds of ammunition and you see "Script Error 100: Too Many Listens" the gun you've just rezzed is using the freebie G36 assault rifle script and even though it doesn't SAY its the G36, its still banned. I can recognize that script on sight and if I see you using it you will be warned.)


Carducci Arms weapons are designed for hostile combat and are built for heavy push and designed to cause major problems for the people that are their targets. Even if you set them to safe zone damage, some Carducci arms guns still push and cause general havoc for others. We've had to ban this weapon line from the sim until such time as the designer designs some safe zone weaponry that isn't built with grief in mind.


This designer is well known to be one of the biggest freebie resellers in the game. While these guns have gotten better over the last year in overall design, they have been banned from the sim because they are not designed to realistic standards. Their rate of fire is obscenely high and their ammo count is in the 1000 bullets per reload range, thusly due to these considerations they are not compatible with our system of relatively balanced combat and are banned from the sim in total.

They're not designed for safe zone damage at all. You have two options....push(non-shield breaker) and shield breaking push when buying these weapons. They also, in general, have no reload cycle and have infinite ammunition. Thusly making them unqualified for combat in CoLA.


Multiple safe zone pushes, sensor targetting so they never miss, no reload cycle, this gun is designed for grief and thusly it is not allowed for combat in CoLA.

This is an excellent gun designed by a well known designer Francis Chung, unfortunately the gun just isn't built to realistic standards, its built to spray lead as fast as possible and it causes lag and overall .


While the Sinistars are manufactured by BloodDoll Lulu, and the guns are nice, the Sinistars are much too powerful to fit into our idea of realistic combat in the sim. All their bullets have one degree of push or another, and there is no reload feature present in their design.

!!!Novum Inc. - Baikal Shotgun!!!
Beautiful gun, but a complete sim destroyer as far as physics related and scripting based lag

3) Weapon Systems:
These are HUD, Bots and other devices that can be used for combat. Most are not designed for realistic combat and/or use a lot of prims or laggy particle effects. The below list is not comprehensive but should give you an idea if your device is permitted. If it pushes, nukes, orbits, buries in the earth, mass kills, cages and so forth then its is not legal.

!!Force Prophecies

!!Eye of Horus



!!Loki Reaper of Souls

!!Nasty HUD


!!Souls of the Damned

!!Apocalypse HUD

Cagers/Orbiters/Explosives/Mass killing weapons

*CCS Approved Compatible explosive devices ARE allowed, but they must be previous approved by the sim administrator.

D) Other Devices:
These are not weapons but devices that rez a lot of prims or use a lot of scripting.

No shields of any type are allowed.

*AV scanners:
Whether on their own or part of a multi-tool (eg. multi-gadget, MystiTool, etc.), these are banned due to the lag they cause.

*Kifuraito Jetpack:
Lovely device but way too script heavy.

Any that is set to follow your AV uses up a lot of resources. For a brief period as part of an RP the use of a follower is ok. Constant use just because it is cool is forbidden.

*LOLSBS Bullets
These bullets are now banned in the CCS system because of their open source nature, making their use credibility highly suspect unless they're closed mod, most LOLSBS bullet scripts are left open mod due to open source license, meaning almost anything can be added to them and thusly as they're not controlled and cannot meet the expected standards of the CCS system, are now banned for use within the CCS system.

*Bloodlines - The Thirst
A simple web based stats system for vampire feeding, its been banned for use within the CCS network due to its role play incompatibility with the CCS system.

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