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Karsha YutaniWell me and Dru found this really neato particle aura power up thing. And then while playing around with it, we had an idea to do an rp sorta in the DBZ theme just for fun.

Before the rp began, we both agreed to use these sort of powers and power levels, as well as the cheesy lines. I'm playing the Dracolich, and Dru is playing our bunneh heroine trying to stop the lich.

And yes, we're actually doing it somewhere in the CCS sims. ^.^

Permission to log in IM's:
[10:41] Jiala Aeon: *nods* I'm gonna go grab something to munch as well. I'm gonna note card the whole rp if thats okay with you?
[10:42] Drucilla Ceawlin: yeh sure hon

cue opening: <- Dragonball Z opening.

The roleplay.

[9:38] The Dracolich loomed, standing at the wrecked corner of his arcane sanctuary. The building itself was in ruins from the constant fighting of the last few days, as the red glints for eyes darted this way and that over the town. "So. You made it this far." the lich says suddenly, not turning around, "I trust that the few skeletons I retained as guards wheren't as much of a challenge as I had hoped they would be." Silken threads fluttered off his cloak, floating freely in the wind, giving a bit of a dramatic flair to the boney frame standing there.

[9:41] Drucilla Ceawlin lands gently upon the concrete "well I was happy for the workout in all honesty" she seems friendly, almost overly so. She stretches "kind of mad to do all this don't you think? I mean we havn't got anything against you. Yet" ((no accent Dru lol))

[9:44] The Dracolich turned a bit finally to face the female, the bones of its physical form cricking and clacking. "Mad? Mad that I offer immortality? eternal undeath to my servants?" The lich said, glowing gauntlets on either arm visible within the folds of its cloak as it faced her. "No. No I don't think so at all."

[9:46] Drucilla Ceawlin frowns for a moment, then breaks into a dark smile with a soft "hmmph" she draws herself up, standing as tal as her small frame would allow "they're meant to be free, and not subserviant to you. And certainly not dead, even undead" she smiles "look if you just head off I wont stop you. But if you carry on i'll have to fight you"

[9:50] The Dracolich snorts, "And then some other would be hero will rise to take your place, and I would end up standing here facing some other luckless fool. No.... It ends here. Here I make my stand. My stand against you so called do-gooders." It suddenly thrusts an arm out ot the side, opening its cloak, "My magic is strong. Far stronger then any of you fools would ever realize." He said as the gauntlet runes flashed, his dark aura growing but still invisible. "The dead shall serve me, until the end of time if I wish it!"

[9:52] Drucilla Ceawlin scuffs the ground with her foot "really? You don't seem too powerful yet. I ddon't need my scouter to tell me my own power dwarfs your own, even right now" she says not sensing any hidden power "So i'll give you another chance to just go and leave us all in peace okay?" she says with a friendly grin "we don't have to fight you know?"

[9:57] The Dracolich laughs, his tone dark, maniacal. "You underestimate me, little girl. You're foolish to do so, foolish to believe your power is so great. No.... Let me show you just how foolish you are..." And suddenly the dracolich was a flurry of movement, ducking down and rushing forward with a speed that seemed impossible for one of such a boney form. The wind whistled between the bones as it moved forward and it thrust a fist forward, the bracer gauntlet forming a hard energy field about the fist to maximize the damage the blow could do. this would be followed through by the other hand coming down to try and grab Dru's hair, and if it got a hold, fling her against the wall.

[10:02] Drucilla Ceawlin blinks, she couldn't even tell where the creature had gone, a tug and a yell later she flew hard against the wall. Brick and mortar raining down about her, dust obscuring her for a few moments. Finally it settles, and she hops out of the crevice created, a thin trail of blood oozing from her head. She smiles "yeh not too bad at all" she says arrogantly, coming in for a counter attack she blasts forward with a hard strike of her own, aiming for the Lich's head with her footpaw

[10:05] The Dracolich doesn't move from the blow, but opens its mouth as the kick comes flying in. Arcane power surged through the ancient necromancer's physicall form and blasted out through the mouth at the females foot in the form of a chilling freeze spell. While it wouldn't stop the kick from connecting, which it did knocking the lich's head up and forcing the boney form to sprawl on its back, it could potentialy freeze up Dru's leg and up her side. Potentially of course.

[10:08] Drucilla Ceawlin doesn't stop her kick, even seeing the Lich's spell blast at her limb she makes sure to carry it round. For a moment she smirks at the spraled creature, until she spots her leg, She brings it down but finds it suck straight, un bendable at the knee. She frowns and grits her teeth, wild thoughts the Lich might even be truthful about his power leve chased themselves around her head
[10:09] Drucilla Ceawlin: sprawled*))

[10:13] The Dracolich rose up slowly, rather creepily without using its hands, rising from the ground where it sprawled while the bones of its face seemed to reknit form the shattering blow they'd recieved. "You cannot kill me little girl," the creature said, its tone mocking, "But yet you still among the living are yet so frail. Do you see how easily I could end your life yet? Or must I continue this charade of you thinking yourself my better?" The Dracolich chuckled faintly, "Your power is not as great as it could be... come... I can give you immortality, join me, live forever and become the strongest fighter this world has ever seen..."

[10:16] Drucilla Ceawlin steps back, taking a strong stance. Her fists clenched as she watched the creature reform. Grunting she tries to bend her leg, as such for now it was still stuck, out straight behind her "I don't think so, i'd rather do that on my own steam thanks. I underestimated you a bit maybe. But I warn you i'm not done yet"

[10:21] The Dracolich seemed to frown. An interesting feet given that its form seemed almost entirely bone, save for the cape. "Nor am I little girl. Nor am I. Turn on your scouter, read what it tells you... as I have not even begun to tap into the dark powers that animate me." Energy started to swirl through the lich's form, the creature bending a little at the waistline, and dragging one leg back, knees and hips cracking as it took up a more martial arts defensive stance. It would be unlikely that it would let Dru have another hit on it without making her work for it first. "So sad we must continue this charade, but let it be known I did offer you a chance for glory."
[10:22] Jiala Aeon: feat* rather.]]

[10:26] Drucilla Ceawlin watches her scouter go beserk, beeping as it reads the increasing power level. Her face falls a little "impossible" she mutters, each tick upward of each number reaching the thousand mark, and going beyond. She shakes herself a little, no easy task but then she never shied from a challenge "I'm not after glory. I just help keep innocent people safe" she says, cleching her muscles harder she lets a long Kia loose from her lungs, gathering her power before this creature. "said i wasn't done though huh?" she whispers and yells out loud as she brings a higher level of her own power to bear, if it equals or beats the Lich's remained to be seen

[10:33] The Dracolich starts to chuckle, low dark methodical sound that slow builds in tempo and volume until the lich is laughing like a lunatic. "Bahhahahahahaha, you honestly believe thats enough to stop me?" Cocking his left elbow back, it focused arcane energy up through its form and into the gauntlet forming a ball of power there that it then thrust forward at the female. A small energy blast not really powerful, but more of a distraction then anything that allowed the necromancer to close with the female rapidly again. A flurry of movement once more, this time it went for a more indirect approach grabbing for the female's tail and attempting to use it to swing her around like a flail at the support post of the building.

[10:36] Drucilla Ceawlin smacks the ball of power aside, sending it sailing into the wall to her left and puching a hole in it. Her guard down the Lich again gets her, she'd smack right into the hard metal with a yell of pain, distorting the support badly with the force of it. It hurt, she even felt a rib snap. Still she couldn't give up, gathering as much power as she could in a short time she twists her body, aiming a heavy Ki blast at her foe's chest from her paw

[10:40] The Dracolich was still recovering from throwing her against the support beam, and thus took the heavy blast right in the chest. Its bone arms quickly curled about the energy holding it as it slid back into the wall away from the female finally diverting the blast upward into the sky where it exploded spectacularly, lighting up the battle between the two for several long moments where both the fighters could catch their breath.

[10:42] Drucilla Ceawlin crouched down low, one forpaw supporting her weight as she did just that. She looks up at the skeletal figure and waits just a moment "you don't have to do this" she says, knowing there was a chance she'd running the snake road or similar in this fight

[10:56] The Dracolich shakes its head, straightening up from the wall again, "That is where you're incorrect... If not with you, then with some other luckless hero. This cycle will perpetuate until I end this." The dracolich grumbled out. "Besides, it isn't always the most powerful fighter that wins..." The dracolich chuckled darkly, "Even if you where stronger then me.... which you're not... could you keep up this level of power indefinately? I won't tire, I won't stop, I won't weaken." The creature said as it once more took up a combative stance, "Undeath has allowed me to break such physical limitations on my body."

[11:05] Drucilla Ceawlin lifts her self straight and rolls her shoulder "Good point" she says honestly "still you've forgotten a couple of things too. THings I have you don't"

Can the bunneh defeat the evil lich? Find out next time on Bunneh Vs. Lich, DBZ STYLE!

cue dbz credits:
12/14/09 11:59
TaiInteresting. xD12/14/09 12:12
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