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ricercar[color=blue][i]This character dream was so vivid that it had me feeling cheated for most of a day. Thanks for the flawless RP, knife wielder, Teacher, peers, beloved wife and son.[/i][/color]

I am a prodigy among the Eternal people. Before my peers know it is possible, I learn to remove what is not my essential being, leaving only my self. I surprise my teachers because I have learned to be my self without express guidance. The lessons for removing non self are advanced, not accessible to most of my age peers.

I experiment during a reprimand event, from boredom, and do not understand my accomplishment. A Teacher observes me becoming exclusively my self. Without my knowledge or consent, this Teacher proposes my promotion into the higher ranks. Each of the higher-ranked individuals has learned to be exclusively self. I am promoted. I feel this is premature, but I accept the decision of the Teachers. There is no personal mentoring, yet the Teacher who observed me henceforth appears to have special interest in my progress. The Teacher ensures I am enabled more than others. I am given freedoms to choose methods and manner of learning. I forge my own path.

I understand the flesh is not my essential self. I learn to disperse into the universe upon death, and subsequently reform my essential self. This I practice with apprehension until I am well-accustomed to it. Among the Eternal people, reforming self is not invariably successful.

Whenever I reform, I always return to the place of learning, where I explore, aid, watch others learn. I am told my rate of dispersal is increased for certain deaths. I achieve speed through imagining the universe as a blue ocean, lying back, and allowing the waters take me. Yet time is rarely of the essence.

As a member of the higher rank, I learn some of the Eternal people dream of a remote Friendly people, and can speak to them. Having a vision of the Friendly people also earns promotion to the higher rank. Gatherings are held with the only purpose to speak to the Friendly people. These gatherings—attended only by eligible Speakers and their Teachers—are not to be interrupted or attended by others. The nature of the gatherings is hidden from the general population. Many non-speakers would be pleased to discover more about the Friendly people. Although this curiosity is not part of my self, I simulate curiosity to fit among others who yearn.

During one gathering, I surreptitiously sought and opened the Book maintained by absent teachers, knowing it contains teacher observations regarding those who are exclusively self, like me. Within I learned the Book also contains observations about Speakers, with detailed descriptions of their first visions.

Other matters in the Book include detailed descriptions of dangers to the Eternal people. Like gatherings, dangers are concealed from the general population. Among the dangers described is a knife, seen in a recent vision by an age peer. The knife—much feared by the teachers, as well as the Speaker who envisioned it—is an object with such power I avert my eyes from the detailed description in the Book. I very much do not wish to know all that is known. I sense knowing the knife’s specifics would expose my self permanently to its fearsome powers.

Another danger is a Diminished people who are the enemy of the Eternal people. The enemy individuals originate within my people, but are permanently changed, are eternal no more. The Diminished people envy and dislike Eternal people. They attempt to disperse individuals of the Eternal people, hoping to prevent reformation. The Diminished people possess the knife.

Individuals of the Diminished people occasionally attack the Eternal people. During attacks, our higher order individuals approach an enemy, embrace one, and die with that enemy. We disperse … with intent to reform the self subsequently. Subsequent reforming is not always accomplished. However, an enemy who dies with us does not reform.

The Eternal people know sadness when an individual does not subsequently reform, whether Eternal or Diminished. Yet in my time, my people know less sadness, fewer dangers than previous times. Attacks by Diminished people are nearly extinct, although challenges continue to be issued by enemy individuals: duels. More rarely yet are challenges from legions of Diminished people: wars.

A field of conflict exists at one border of the place of learning. A wall of Doors separates the Diminished people’s land and our land. Doors are reminiscent of wood with leaded glass, alike as snowflakes. We can observe through the Doors when the Diminished approach on their side. Doors are opened only by an enemy. The Eternal people do not generally pass through. During wars, however, individuals of the higher rank, such as my self, often pursue an enemy through a Door to the other side. On the other side it is harder to disperse, one of the greatest dangers to the self. I do not hesitate passing though a Door.

Fewer conflicts with the Diminished people is, in a small measure, due to my self. I am able to reform my self after dispersal in less time than most. Alone among the Eternal people, I can disperse and reform fast enough to rejoin the same battle. When I imagine the universe as a blue ocean, and lean back into this sanctuary, I disperse like red dye in blue water, and can reform almost instantly.

Duels and wars are fought with one individual of the enemy approached by one individual of the Eternal people. But soon my people learn there is more to victory than simply embracing an enemy individual. Once my speed is recognized by the Diminished people, an enemy individual flees as I approach. Teachers of the Eternal people begin to offer tactics and strategy. I learn, so do the Diminished people. The Diminished people introduce simultaneous attacks of multiple individuals on one individual. We cannot respond in kind. Should more than two individuals die while embraced, none reforms.

My speed increases still. Soon enough I am able to reform my self many times per battle, dispersing large numbers of Diminished people. Risking my self so often, dispersing and reforming so often, I am not without fear. The Diminished people fear me, too. Enemy individuals group together to target me continuously during each war. Yet now I meet groups without hesitation. I can embrace one individual and swiftly die before others can accompany us. I would have been proud, had pride been part of my self.

When I reform, I always return to the field of battle, even when no war is present. My home feels empty. I begin to travel, day trips outside the teaching place, into the lands between. I disperse the Diminished people I encounter. My forays grow more ambitious, I begin to reform in the lands between. I explore without searching for Diminished people. I enjoy odd places. There are creatures between, not Eternal people, not Friendly people, not Diminished people. Thus I am not lonely in the land between. I ignore risk and danger, until…

I remember a public restaurant in which an enemy individual began to destroy. I departed this restaurant swiftly, but paused, then returned immediately to show safe exit to the creatures. This exposure to the enemy was dangerous, a risk to my eternal self. Yet I saw the creatures die without dispersal, and risked my eternal self. My teachers were not pleased to learn of the risk I took in the lands between, on behalf of creatures. However, learning of my deed, age peers began to join me in my travels.

I remember a series of wars. Enemy weapons grew faster; but I dispersed faster still. None of the Eternal people traveled as fast as me. My peers began to seek me less often.

I remember a powerful enemy, a leader, an individual who persisted though battles with many of the Eternal people. He wields the knife. When I was finally able to approach him, he passed the knife handle to me, and I accepted it. When I embraced him, he smiled, impaled his self. I tried to disperse, but I remained, with him holding me tightly. Long after he died and dispersed, my self remained in the blackened sea. Teachers tell me much time passed between that death and my reformation. The knife reforms with me, but I cannot ever find it.

I remember taking more risks, exposing myself to more danger as time passed, even when in war or otherwise accompanied by Eternal people. Many Eternal people died and did not reform. I can’t remember their names.

I remember indifference and ennui, and darkened water, and pain.

I awoke in fear, in my home between, having learned something important. I had to return to the leaning place, inform the Eternal people.

I attempted to disperse into my essential self, to reform in the place of learning. The waves were far from me. I lay there on my bed, eyes tightly closed, bringing them to me. Then I heard my beloved wife move in the nearby room. [i]I love my wife and son.[/i] I heard waves retreat. [i]I’m not married. It’s just a dream.[/i] I felt dry sand beneath me. [i]I won't leave my wife and son.[/i] In the mind’s eye, I saw my future, saw myself die, unable to reform, and I wondered if I had diminished. Again I tried to lean back, to float, but she sat on the bed, leaned over, kissed me, held me, and my fear passed.

Later I snapped awake, alone, longing desperately for nothing I can describe further.
Copyright © 2010 ricercar. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.[/i]
03/23/10 22:27
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