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ChasityDawesThe wolf, Ziau, crept in through the open window his nostrils flaring as he looked aobut. the scent of his prey strong in this room. leaving the black framed glas half open. he had no fear of the quarry escaping him. standing to his full height the russian gray reached up mussing his short blonde hair. the tattoos rippling over his well muscled flesh even at the smallest movement. naked from the waist up he padded forward seeing his target asleep on the bed. The night was warm, the air still thick and humid mid summer. The sound of insects providing background noise as he surveyed the man James sleeping under only one thin gray blanket. James stirred slightly in his sleep, perhaps noticing the presence of this fine example of masculinity at some deep level. Ziau chose that moment to strike. pouncing upon his prey. throwing back the covers to reveal the nude form beneath James slighter in stature his skin darker and covered with black markings whereas Ziau was painted in colorful symbols both men however were peak examples of their respective species. fine. strong. healthy.

Ziau said nothing. letting his actions speak for him, he knelt over the smaller man's chest his hands dropping to the waistband of his jeans. unfastening them. and pushing them out of the way his uncircumcized cock standing erect and tall, ten inches long at least. almost three around it was large. but he was a big man. reaching down with one hand he roughly grabbed James' short hair slick with sweat from the heat of the night and the fevered dreams that had left the man with an erection of his own. Ziau's other hand took a small plain dagger, obviously meant for killing, from it's sheath placing the tip against the demon's throat as he thrust his cock towards his mouth. the message obvious James' half closed lips parted more widely something akin to anticipation in his eyes. not attempting even the slightest bit of resistance. his long tongue snakes out caressing the wolf's swollen member as it is shoved into his gaping orifice.

Ziau grunted softly. at the feel of the man's mouth, his warm breath on his sensative shaft as he thrusted into him. it was like nothing he had ever known. Almost better then anything he had ever had. throwing his head back with a groan as he reached down. pulling back the foreskin to expose his sensative tip. James' licking eagerly. lustfully, his tousled black hair falling into his eyes as he leans upwards. the lycan tightening his grip on the man's head pulling him forwards, fucking his mouth forcefully. James' nearly gags on his pure size. Ziau's behavior quickly becoming more wolf like then usual even for the proud gray. As he thrust mercilessly. James moans loudly his own arousal growing as he's used he'd wanted this to happen for a long time now. dreamed of it. fantasized of it and now his dreams were coming true and it was far better then anything he'd ever imagined.

Still silent Ziau pulled back, releasing the man's hair he reached for his well tanned torso flipping him without a word. pulling his stomach and back upward so that his ass was presented. positioning James on his hands and knees he would wrap one strong arm securely around the man's body. the other hand reaching to grasp Jame's smaller but still significant length. Almost gently he began to stroke the man as he positioned himself. his tip pressing against the demon's netherhole. his shaft well lubricated by James' saliva he forces himself into the tight clenching hole easily the pain mixed with pleasure shooting through James' body. obvious on his face as the wolf's hand begins to move faster. working his shaft even as he began to pump his hips working himself deeper into the man's ass, fucking his mercilessly as James cries out beneath him. The sounds of their fucking filling the room Ziau leans over breathing heavily in his ear. a low constant growl the man's tightness almost too much for him to bear he cums quickly still thrusting away even as his seed spurts into the man's depths his teeth fastening on the demon's shoulder hard enough to draw blood. James finds his own release as Ziau's hand movements become more frantic his seed soiling the sheets even as Ziau fills his ass. Finally the flood stops the gray panting, lingering only a moment before releasing the demon completely. pulling himself out a flood of seed escaping along with his oversized shaft, not even bothering to dress as he pads across the room, jumping out of the window and loping off into the night.
09/21/09 07:17
Miyu Vendettaplz to have part two kthnx.

fucking epic.
09/21/09 07:18
ZiauZiau approves of this.09/21/09 07:24
KayteearThank god it's early in the morning and I'm almost alone in the office, 'cause I had the great idea of looking up for the NSFW meaning AFTER reading this.09/21/09 07:31
Kaly_DJames lay on the bed, quivering for some time in the aftermath of the violation, torn – both metaphorically and literally – between shame and satisfaction. His tears streaked his cheeks and brought a small damp spot to the bedclothes beneath him, even as another pair of eyes watched the display of raw emotion. Chasity stood back in the shadows of the room, hidden in the corner, her breathing was shallow, and had gone undetected in the frantic deed that had just taken place. It was now that the wolf had departed, and James was left vunerable, that the Lycaness slunk out of the darkness, footfalls soundlessly covering the distance to the bed with a strong grace. The only noise came when she chose it too.

“That fun, was it?” the soft growl piercing the air and elliciting a sharp gasp of indrawn breath from the demon on the bed, as he sat up in surprise.

“I.. I don’t know,” he whispered hoarsely. “Wh.. where did you come from?” the faltering voice full of shame that someone else had possibly been witness.

“Doesn’t matter,” came the growl, the voice of the wolf holding something deep. It was nowhere near sultry, but the animalistic edge couldn’t disguise the arousal Chasity had felt build up in her loins while she watched the near-rape. Her frame shifted as she shrugged out of the clothes adorning her muscular body and climbed onto the bed alongside James, who peered up with wide eyes.

“What are you doing?” he said in a voice heavy with apprehension. Chasity replied without words, her right hand spearing out to grab his, and yank it roughly against her exposed sex, which was already visibly swelling in the moonlight filtering in through the broken window. It was clear what she wanted James to do, as her mouth dropped open in a snarl, unable to keep in check her lust, as she did her rage. James shook his head as he tried to pull the hand away, he wasn’t ready for something like this, not after what had happened. The lycaness was by no means prepared to allow this though, and while her one hand continued to pull his against her arousal, the other flicked out from behind her, a silver glint flashing briefly in the wan light, before its source - a small, keen dagger – found itself pressed against the base of James’ flaccid penis.

“Fuck me or it gets cut off,” she snarled viciously, yanking his hand mercilessly against her clitoris. James yelped, the razor edge of the blade piercing into the skin of his shaft with a stab of pain, blood beginning to trickle from the small wound to mix with the other dried fluids from the previous encounter, still caked in places on the demon’s manhood.

“P..please... don’t,” he stammered, voice high pitched with fear. But Chasity had yet to find enough satisfaction in the actions she was making him perform, and she let go of his hand, freeing up her own to swipe at his face, backhanding him solidly and splitting open a cut on his lip.

“Shut the FUCK UP!” came the angered retort, as she followed through by pushing him roughly back on the bed, climbing up his body before he could regain any semblance of control. Her warm, moistened labia was pressed solidly onto James’ mouth, heedless of the wound she had inflicted, and she began to rock her hips back and forth, grinding herself against his face as she brought herself toward release. James reeled, his head spinning, and he finally brought his own hands up to try and fend off Chasity, but he had no choice but to stop when the blade, still held behind her back, pressed deeper into the flesh of his cock, elliciting a cry from the demon. The cry blended through the air with the animalistic grunts and snarls of Chasity, increasing in frequency and volume as she began to lose all control. Her hips rocked violently, pelvic bone mercilessly being shoved against James’ lips and nose, and as she quickly reached orgasm, she thrust herself forward one final time with more vigour than before, a sickening crack sounding as James’ nose gave way under the pressure.

“FUUUUUCK!” came the elated, blissful cry from Chasity’s curled lips, her back arching in involuntary reaction to the feelings coursing through her body, the hand holding the knife flexing and driving the blade deeper into James' penis. He screamed as blood began pouring freely from the broken nose, mixing on his lips with the fluids of Chasity’s climax, a chillingly sweet and metallic taste to drive home the horror of what he was going through. As the wolf’s muscles relaxed, and she let out the breath she had held as her convulsions passed, she climbed off the man she had abused, shuddering in satisfaction as she ran her glinting eyes across the mess she had made of his body; Blood gathered in a pool around his cock and thighs, mirroring the dark stream flowing from his nose and welling about his neck. The man sobbed, beyond both words and movement, and he simply lay trembling on the bed, not even noticing as Chasity recovered her clothes, slinking out the same door Ziau had exited to grace her bare skin with the cold air of approaching morning.
09/21/09 08:31

Like a fucking riot, the surge of his heartbeat pounding into his chest cavity like a crowd at the barricades, his eyes nothing more than pouted oceans brimming at the waxed tide like a hungry swell of water ready to spill over the edge of it's pail. Like castles in the sky, his heart soared, pulling at reality's edge, slipping into minor insanity, but the pleasure just enough to mingle with his pain. Some might have called him a painter, others called him a thief, but there was no telling when it came to titles, especially when a time like this dared impede on people's pride.

Kalynn, a tall chap, a man that wore his pants like a man wore his pants, boot cut and straight leg. With a tie around his neck, red, and a beanie on his head, some would have called him a stylish one, others would have called him one of those "New age trend setters". What ever the opinion that settled in called for, that window dared mock him like a large clown, bulbous by body type with a silly red nose to boot. His frame, still thin, still ready to climb the drain pipe up into the room which reeked of sex and regret, poor bloke inside must have been raped many times, the palpable odor was even evident on his tongue, there was only so many things you could assume. Blood, anal sex, a bit of semen, a bit of womanly fluids, it was either extremely rough sex or noisome rape, Kalynn assumed the second by the way the window's frame had been damaged and battered by shoes or perhaps a rather well placed hammer blow or two.

Reaching the edge of that same enterence, looking in to see James Saito, on his belly, left in a puddle of mess, Kalynn snickered and moved to the roof so he could stand and heave himself in. What was this? A gentle tug at his pants at first, followed by a violet grip on his ankle. Kalynn released a guttural vibration from this throat, resonating it into a snarl and finally a yelp as his chin slammed into the window sill and finally met the grainy roof shingles below, the fate of one caught snooping around at night in a city such as this.

Patting him down was a rather manly shaped woman, reeking of recent release, a small knife being shoved under Kaly's cheek when he looked up. "Don't move and I won't kill you." Was this the person that tore into James? By scent she sure smelled like it, but there was a musky odor as well, earthy, manly. Perhaps it really was just rough loving sex, but Kalynn highly doubted it by the way the blade began to pull at his flesh and send trickles of crimson dancing along the dirty rooftop like a pair of scarlet couples waltzing one last time before the ship sank. "What do you want from me?" Kalynn asked, his body being turned over, and the sex hungry Chasity looks down through her platinum bangs, "Your dignity."

You would have thought that the exchange was going to be simple, something along the lines of how James was taken in his tired and spent position, forced, declared nothing more than her fuck toy while he couldn't say otherwise. But, this time he had the upper hand, his foot being buried into her gut, and his gun being raised as she recoiled. Pressing the barrel in to her chin as he stood, letting the end of the painfully cold gun steel be leverage, Kalynn marched her back into the concrete wall of the nearby building he had climbed to get up there. Swinging his hand back, the lanky built man would crash the gun's barrel into her jaw, dislodging teeth and sending a spill of blood along her front. "You want dignity bitch?" He would swing again, this time she would pass out from the blow.

Her eyes would open slowly, painfully, the world a blur as she let her fingers curl and then uncurl, was she alive? She tried to lift her head, but only felt her throat start to close, something from the outside was pulling. There she was, the roof of an ruinous building, a canvas belt latched around her neck and her weight being supported by a rather angry foot pressing into her chest. The angular edge of the building's architecture would only send her sliding and then to a taut tightening of the belt, perhaps snapping her neck before she would suffocate to death, if only that foot would let go. The end of the canvas belt was on the drain, there was a chance it would break if her weight crashed into it, but the girl refused to risk it, she sputtered, whimpered, begged, "Wh-what do you want me to do?"

Kalynn liked the idea of dignity being taken, and he was far from a perverted man, but he liked the way his gun looked in his hand, he wondered where else he could stick it. Muttering through his lips, not wanting to be too loud, he replies, "I am going to pull you on the roof, and you are going to do just as I want you to, or I will strangle you. If not, I can let you go, and I can only hope that you survive the force of the belt tightening around your pretty little neck." She would whimper, and finally nod, "O-okay, whatever you say." The wind whipped up around her, and she realized she was nude, had been ever since she had been awake, but the excitement let her brain somehow skip the fact that the night air was chilly, if even for California's ruins. Her nipples were stiff, but not from arousal, simply because she had nothing to cover her almost small featured body.

Being heaved, pulled up onto the flat edge of the adobe's humble ceiling, Kalynn would use her hair to bring her to her knees, his fist meeting her brow. "Lean forward, slut, poke your butt in the air." If anyone is a fan of hentai they knew what was coming, the old cliche gun rape scene, one that would leave a sticky mess or a bloody one, depending on how things went. But, it wasn't a scene that you would joke about, Chasity's once fierce and controlling eyes now full of tears as she revealed her sex to him, waggling her hips back and forth. You would expect him to just jam it in and get her off, but Kalynn was in the mood for vengeance, his foot pressing onto her ankle, applying pressure that only made the girl cry out in pain. With a quick tug of her hips with his hand, there was a loud pop as he dislocated her leg from her hip, and the cry of terror meeting the forever night air. So what if someone heard, the sound of the pop alone was enough to make him throb, but he wanted more.

Or course she would roll to the side when he destroyed her leg, but Kalynn tugged the belt like an angry dog trainer would a leash with a choker at the end. Her air passage was sealed, her voice being squelched, her body searing with the long sharp pain in her lower half. Kalynn used the force to pull her back into her bent over on all fours position, only to hold it tight and use his left hand to jam the barrel of his pistol into her sex. It was sickening, the sound that murmured out when he shoved it in, because she wasn't aroused, but James' and her own juices are what lubricated the entry, the surprising part was when the belt loosened, and she was able to shudder out in pain. "O-ow,.. st-stop, p-please,.." bawling, begging, she just wanted the pain to go away, poor Chasity, that is when he forced her even wider.

Jamming his rather thick cock into the same passage his gun was in, tearing her sex bottom long, a wide trail of sanguine moving past her pelvis and thighs, he would start to fuck her bloody folds with quick pumps of his hips. It hurt him too, the feeling of the iron sight digging into the underbelly of his cock, but that pain was nothing compared to what the silver haired rape victim was feeling as he tore her further with each pump. Her maw gaped, her voice tearing out in high pitched screams, but Kalynn didn't care, let her scream, no one was going to save her.

Finally the pumping stopped, her sex being free of Kalynn's stiff member, but the gun being twisted sidelong and sending a sickening squish, the last thing that would be heard before she cried out for every last bit of life she had in herself. Kalynn used the blood and juices from her sex to lubricate the entry into her ass, the thick shaft battering into the tiny little opening. Using his wrist and his hips he fucked both holes with his gun and his filthy cock. She would holler, she would beg, she would plead, but Kalynn pumped, and finally shot a hand up to tug the belt again to force the air from her yet again.

After what seemed like ages, perhaps hours, choking her screams and fucking her holes alternately like one would use side by side service enterences to a workplace, Kalynn grunts, sucks in his bottom lip and cums on her lower back. It was a triumphant stream, spattering her with his warm seed, only before a few dribbles flecked her rear. The girl had not passed out from pain, she was a fighter, but Kaly liked the idea of her suffering. And before he refastened his pants and scampered off into the night, he slammed his foot into the back of her head, turning the girl's world black yet again, but not killing her.
09/21/09 10:48
Hallie_FaithI came.09/21/09 16:04
KayteearCorollary: do never challenge Ziau.

Need more!
09/21/09 18:04
ZiauHaha, I'm using teh shavin' foams.09/21/09 21:12
LoganThe other day I used Veet hair removal cream to burn all of the hair from my entire body. I started with my balls but I failed to take into account the fact that getting the rest of my body would take longer than ten minutes, which is the longest you're supposed to leave the cream on for. After I finished my shower, I discovered that the bottom of my sack was damaged due to the over exposure to the hair removal chemicals.

This thread is more erotic than a chemical burn on my nuts.
09/21/09 23:16
Dux[quote=Logan]The other day I used Veet hair removal cream to burn all of the hair from my entire body. I started with my balls but I failed to take into account the fact that getting the rest of my body would take longer than ten minutes, which is the longest you're supposed to leave the cream on for. After I finished my shower, I discovered that the bottom of my sack was damaged due to the over exposure to the hair removal chemicals.

This thread is more erotic than a chemical burn on my nuts.[/quote]
toasty chestnuts ....
09/21/09 23:48
James SaitoI'm still writing mine, but this thread is pretty much <309/22/09 06:19
NasreenSweet gods. Brilliant writing.09/22/09 06:55
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