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Kes[center]Have yourself a merry little Christmas


''Who are you?'' the woman demands, furious confusion. ''Get out of my house!''
The dark haired teen simply walked past the frightened woman, who appeared barely a few years older than him. The house was kept in relative darkness, he'd learned quickly that this helped in some small way to improve her mood and keep her comparatively calm.
Sitting himself down at the window on the other side of the large room, he crossed one ankle over the other and angled himself back in the chair, causing the tips of the front legs to lift off of the ground. What little light crept through the dirty glass from the dim street lamps outside, allowed him what he needed to glance over the books and papers he had positioned neatly on the small table.
He kept careful note of the deterioration or improvement of the woman's condition on an hourly basis. He ensured that she received adequate sustenance and exercise.
His ink stained thumb lightly batted against the smooth, curved edge of his pen, causing the tip to tap quietly against the page. It was nearly time.
Bare feet padded quietly across the floor and the boy looked up in time to catch the woman's gaze as she approached him. It was different now, though only moments had passed. Her hand swept adoringly against the top of his head, brushing his hair out of his eyes ''I'm sorry I was away for so long.. I had to talk to Roland..''
He'd smile, as he did every day, awaiting the next question, following the same routine that her mind would allow, knowing that she hadn't been anywhere, knowing that she thought she had ''Have you eaten the sandwiches I made you?''
''Yes, Mum.''
''All of them?'' he was asked, a smile brushing her lips as her eyes narrowed in mock suspicion.
''Yes, Mum.''
She kissed her forehead. Cold lips against his warm brow. ''You are a good boy.'' Though she talked to him as though he were a child, her tone was now so lucid that it gave him the comfort that he secretly desired and needed in order to get him through the rest of the day. ''It's almost time for your nap, Sweetheart.''
''Yes, Mum. I'll nap soon.''
And with that, she wandered off... retreating to the room she slept in.. paced in.. was silent in. She slept alot.
It was time now, it couldn't wait any longer - he had put it off for as many days as he was able. But it was necessary. Had to be done. There was no escaping it. It was his responsibility.


It didn't take long, though he had furtively hoped this venture would be unsuccessful, or would go a different way. He'd find something wicked and vile and could feel justified.
The girl was no older than himself, perhaps younger. She'd been pretty. Red hair. Freckles. A hint of a tan, though he decided it was probably more to do with genes than the suns influence. Jeans. Dark green sweater.
He'd smiled at her. Talked to her. Made her laugh. She liked him. They usually did. He had made her comfortable and she had let down her boundaries.
''I'm David..'' he'd told her. She was Sarah. She had two younger brothers and an older sister.
He imagined that they'd become friends, perhaps even lovers. He wanted to take her places, buy her food. They'd go for picnics and she'd laugh at his still childish attempts at romance.
She'd been happy to meet him again the next day. Excited, even. She blushed as she smiled at him and they walked for nearly two hours. He made an effort, for her, for Sarah, that day. He made her laugh.
She smiled right up until his fist had slammed into her temple, then she slept.
She was so pretty.
His mother still slept.. or paced.. or was silent in that room, the door open barely a crack.
The girl was silent, too. They had no names in this house. Had no brothers or sisters. Did not blush, did not smile, did not laugh. Not in this house.
He lay her down on the floor - a disposable plastic sheet spread against the bare floorboards. Kneeling beside her, he didn't allow himself to gaze upon her face. The face had a name and a family - those wouldn't allow him to do what needed to be done.
He had prepared the area before he left the house. Covered the furniture in case it got particularly messy.
She couldn't be allowed to wake up before his mother had fed - She wouldn't take a life. He didn't know if she was still even capable. But he could, because he had to.
He'd consider it logically, selfishly. Without these deaths, his mother would die. They were a necessary requirement.
''Rae? Raenon?! Where are you?'' The woman called from the silent room - warm, calm green eyes swept towards the door and he smiled.
''I'm here, Mum.''

-Good boy-

Raenon spent the next hour in the back garden, his bloodied hands gripped the handle of the shovel as he created yet another grave so close to their home.
They had been here for exactly four and a half months and would have to move soon.
He couldn't transport the bodies further from the house and risk getting seen by anyone. No one in the town they lived just outside of knew who they were. He made no friends, gathered supplies for his own sustenance much in the city - it was about seventeen miles away and didn't take him too long to journey.
Even those he befriended for the purpose of supplying his mother with food didn't know him, nor his name. If they got away - they would describe someone no one had seen before, with a name that wasn't his. They'd tell their stories of David, the kind Irish boy that liked to tell jokes. Or Andy, the shy Texan that spoke very little. Never Rae, the boy from Lost Angels.
The steady rhythm of the shovel sliding into the earth droned into background noise behind his own thoughts.
He wasn't tense, nor particularly alert. It would be at least the next day before anyone went out looking for the girl. Days before anyone considered knocking on their door. People didn't go out at night in these parts. The human population was much higher than he had ever seen, but they were not ignorant of the others that shared this planet with them. It made them cautious.
He jumped down and the newly dug grave was depth enough that his legs disappeared and the edge of the dirt met his hip. That was enough.
Jamming his shovel into the ground beside the hole, he clambered back out and returned to the house.
Inside there was silence. His mother had returned to her room, just as she did on every occasion that required him to dig a hole in the background and soak the floor with bleach in case the plastic sheet and furniture covers hadn't caught everything.
She lay there, bloodied and still - her eyes closed in a manner that would suggest peace - if one could ignore everything around that expression.
The large pot was ready on the stove, gas flame caressing the underside of the metal cooking container, the water already boiling - waiting for him.
The plastic tub that he fetched from the cupboard beneath the sink gave off a scent that took him home again - or close to home, as close to home as he felt these days. It took him back to his sisters bakery. Cinnamon. The tub contained a mixture of sticks and powder, and he emptied the entire thing into the scalding water in the pot. What followed was coffee. He didn't measure this out. Just poured till he felt it was enough. He let the concoction cook till it began to burn.
The boy soaked two newly bought blankets in this mixture and lay one of them in the bottom of the grave. The small redhead settled on top of it.
Just as she had no name, neither could he.
Raenon would never stare with a cold detachment as the boiling liquid was poured over the girl - as the scent of burning flesh sparked in the air, only to be drowned out by the mixture of cinnamon and coffee.
Raenon could never drape the wet blanket over the body, steam rising into the cold air.
The boy offered no prayers for the girl, not as Raenon was raised to believe was right.
It took less time to fill the hole than it had to make it and he walked back and forth across the pronounced mound of earth, flattening it out before returning to the house that he and his mother shared. It was done.


Raenon awoke to the thick, suffocating smell of smoke ...

To be continued.
Put together quickly in the past hour or so. Will undoubtedly edit.
12/10/09 22:17
DavidJoshua ArtfulDavid has been in town since June. The place his mother was born, and the place they told him he was born, except he only remembered cold New York City, until he moved to southern Florida, where he existed until his clocks skipped thirty years forward and he decided to trek around to see what was up in the world.
So he made it to LA after finding New York City in almost absolute ruin circa 2039, and now there are mounds of snow through the streets and on nearly every street corner.
He will try to DJ the best Christmas sets he absolutely can at the Zodiac bar, which reminds him of the Viper room in West Hollywood he saw years ago... but will not cheese up his set... how about some pipe organ music? He has it on his sturdy (still) iPhone, if only some LA people would request it.
12/11/09 07:32
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