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Kit RistowKit slips into church just before sunrise, and she looks like hell. Her hair is tied back in a scraggly ponytail, and there’s a hollowness to her eyes betraying more than a few nights spent missing sleep. With a sigh, she takes off the mask covering the lower half of her face, and underneath the fabric, highlighted by the rising sun through the stained glass windows, a bruise is beginning to form on her cheek.

When she stoops at the end of one of the rows, her motions are a little stiff; she makes the Sign of the Cross slowly, then slides into one of the rows, settling the kneeler on the floor with a clack that rings through the early morning silence. Her hand touches the bench, sets the mask down next to her before she kneels, bows her head, and begins to pray.

It’s almost half an hour before anyone shows up. There’s a noise in the back of the church, behind the altar, and then a figure emerges from the door and moves towards her along the shadows that still shroud the east side, sticking close to the wall.

She looks up, opening her eyes, and calls out tentatively. “I’m here for confession. . .are you. . .I mean, you are. . .?”

He chuckles softly and doesn’t answer, but motions with one hand towards the confessional. After a moment, she nods and stands, crosses herself again and follows towards the back of the room. He slips behind one door, and she opens the other, finds herself facing an old-fashioned grate. The bench is covered in worn velvet and ancient padding, and the smell of dust fills the chamber as she sits on it. She reaches for the door, pulls it shut with a click, then slides off the bench and kneels in front of the wall.

“Bless me, Father, for I have sinned; it’s been five months since my last confession. Kind of.” She looks up towards the grate, eyes wide. “Do angels even, count, Father?”

She sighs. “Okay. Then it’s been two-and-a-half years since my last confession.”

“Well, I can start, like, with the big stuff, or, um, with the small. . .” She wrings her hands, tugs at her sleeves. “It really. . .it really doesn’t [i]matter[/i] what order I do it in, does it?”

Her voice turns defensive. “I’m not nervous. I just. . .I just don’t know what to start with.”

“All right—all right. Um. . .I steal. Not—not like I used to, because I don’t—I don’t need to anymore. But I steal. I steal jerky, usually, if I can find it—I mean, just from stores or stuff, not from people who need it, you know? Um. . .sometimes medicines, too, because those are really hard to find, and the Guard and the Syndicate need them really badly.”

“I know I am—but, really. . .the justification is everything, isn’t it? I mean, motive’s [i]got[/i] to come in there somewhere. Otherwise, you’ve just got a bunch of. . .of rules with no meaning behind then, and it all stands for fucking [i]nothing[/i]. . .”

“Sorry. I know I’m in a church. So, um. . .stealing.” She bites her lip. “I’m also generally a bi—generally, not the nicest person to be around—but I’m trying. I’m not—I’m not sure exactly what kind of sin that is, so. . .I’m just putting it out there.”

“. . .how do you know that?” She closes her eyes, sighs. “Fine. Adultery.”

“With his [i]brother[/i]. God, why does it even matter?”

“. . .sorry. Yes. That does make it much worse. I was. . .I was confused, okay? I didn’t really know what was going on, and it only happened the once, and. . .and that—that’s an excuse, and I know it. I’m sorry.”

“Yes. He knows.”

“No, I wouldn’t do it again. . .” There’s a long pause and a deep breath. “Father? I’ve done something else.”

“I guess. . .I guess you get pretty good at telling these kind of things, don’t you? I’ve killed, Father.”

“. . .a long time ago. A year and a half ago. There was this man in the restaurant. He was manning it alone. And I thought—I thought that to bring him back, I had to. . .I had to prove myself.” Her voice softens, lowers. “To bring him back. For him.”

“He was a demon.”

“The one I was trying to prove myself to, not. . .not the man in the restaurant. He was human. And. . .I can make people feel what I want them to feel, Father. I don’t know how else to explain it. I can make people feel what I want them to feel, and I wanted him to feel fear. And so. . .I did.”

“. . .no, I didn’t scare him to death. Not exactly. I. . .I can use those feelings to take. To take the energy, to take the feeling. And. . .I mean, it feels good. Better than anything. Better than sex.” She laughs softly. “Not that you’d know.”

“. . .all right, then.” She turns a little red, looks down. “So, when he was scared. . .I touched him. Dazza tried to get help, but. . .they were too busy. And when I touched him, I took his life. I rode it. And he died. I threw his body to the sewers.”

Her voice turns hard when she answers. “What’s it matter? I didn’t do anything after.”

She closes her eyes. “. . .I went back. After. . .I realized what had happened. It’d only been a few hours, and I thought. . .I thought that maybe I’d been wrong, you know? But he was down there. . .his body was. There were two of the wolves there, and they were eating him.” A hollow laugh, and she wipes tears from her face. “Waste not, want not, I guess.”

“What did I do? I thought that maybe I could fix it, that I could undo it, you know? I tried—I tried to scare them off. I. . .I used a—I used fire to try to scare them away. They were just small, you know, not—you know, not Krank-sized.”

“No, it didn’t work. They charged and clawed me up pretty bad. Then I got knocked back into the rest of the sewers. The demons were starting to come through the portal, and. . .that would’ve been bad.” She looks down. “So I ran.”

“Maybe he [i]was[/i] alive when I threw him down there, you know? Maybe I didn’t do it, and they found him. But, I mean, even then. . .it doesn’t matter. Because they’re just acting according to their nature, and [i]I[/i] would’ve been the one to put him down there, you know?”

Her face turns white, and when she speaks again, there’s a note of something different in her voice, something suspicious and cold. “. . .no, I wasn’t acting according to my nature. [i]I[/i] knew better.”

“Yes, it felt good.” Her hands flex at her sides. “That’s not the point, I—”

There’s a long pause, and when she speaks, her voice is soft again, low. “Of course that’s what I want.”

Another pause. She bites her lower lip, lets it go slowly as she smiles. “Okay. But you’ll have to come out.”

Both booths open, and both figures walk out. She’s clad in leather and a rough, blue fabric, jeans and boots that reach more than halfway to her knees. He’s wearing black, head-to-toe except for the blaze of the roman collar at the front of his throat. His hair is salt-and-pepper grey, and his glasses sit slightly askew on his kindly, lined face.

He looks her up and down with a leering, appreciative smile, and, for a moment, something red flashes in his eyes. She steps forward, puts a hand on his chest, leans to him and raises so her cheek is next to his. He whispers in her ear, and she smiles, pulls back.

“Of course I can show you.” She grabs his shirt, pulls it up to un-tuck it, her smile turning into a manic grin. “I always did have a thing for priests.”

He laughs softly then, reaches out to touch the side of her face. Her eyes glow as he makes contact, as she reaches up his shirt and puts a hand against his chest. . .and then suddenly his other hand darts forward and grips her arm at the wrist, vicious and tight. She tries to jerk away, but he holds her fast, the hand trailing down across her chin and neck. Her eyes narrow and blaze bright, and she speaks, voice echoing off the walls of the church, the light casting shadows on his face.

“Adjūro te, serpens antīque, per jūdicem vivōrum et mortuōrum, per factōrem tuum. . .”

The priest suddenly growls and jerks away, letting her go; his face has turned a dappled yellow and brown, and a pair of dark horns part his hair, which is suddenly black. He draws back his lips to show pointed teeth. The girl raises her eyebrows. Smiles.

“Awesome.” He charges for her, and she sidesteps, vaults over one of the pews, grimacing as she does, then laughing as she lands. “That makes this so. . .much. . .easier.”

He rushes her again, but she’s ready. Her left hand drops to her side, comes up with a pistol. She gets off four shots, square at the chest, before he reaches her. He hits her with a tackle, sends her tumbling into the aisle. She lands on her back, and he sprawls forward, facedown, his upper body on her legs.

It takes her a moment to catch her breath, and then she kicks him off, stands and walks to his prone form, wincing and holding her shoulder. Bending down, she reaches for him, pulls him towards her, rolling him onto his back. He’s bleeding from the gunshot wounds, black blood oozing and pooling on a black shirt. She stands astride him for a moment, then lowers herself and straddles him at the hips, sitting on him and looking down at him with a tilted head. Her skin and eyes are glowing, pale and bright blue, and, where the sun hits her black hair, it shimmers red.

“Father. . .” She says the word with contempt, and no small measure of amusement. Her voice is soft now, melodious. “I don’ even want t’know how many people yeh’ve fucked this way. . .”

When he tries to respond, she reaches out and touches his throat. He falls silent, and she draws the hand away from his pulse. She brings it down his shirt, to the line of buttons running down the center, unfastening each of them with quick, practiced motions. After undoing it halfway, she slides her hand through the gap, brings her palm against his chest. The blood smears against her hand, stands in stark contrast to her skin. She smiles and leans closer to him, bangs falling on either side of his face, nearly touching him. Her voice drops to a whisper.

“. . .but I’m goin’ t’be th’ last.”

His eyes go wide as they lock on hers, and he screams. They echo through his church, fill the morning with sound, a low, bestial howl of pain and fear. She stays there, drinking it in. After a moment, her eyes close, and she arches backwards, sighing contentedly.

The screaming stops.

After a long, silent moment, she stands up, looming over his body. Slowly, dreamlike, she brings her hand up into her field of view, tilting her head this way and that as she regards it. Then she steps away, lowers the hand and wipes it on her jeans, leaving a black smear on the blue denim.

“Better’n sex.”

Kit grabs her mask from the pew, and then she’s gone.
02/26/09 01:39
Su PointeSuperb storytelling as always, Kit.02/26/09 03:51
MissyOh my goodness. That was almost better than sex Kit. And for ME to say that, well.. that should be an indication of how much I enjoyed that. Seriously wonderful. I absolutely LOVED the one-sided confession. It makes me wonder if this event really happened or if it was a product of Kit's mind. Beautifully done.02/26/09 07:13
LlyrThat was thirteen different shades of terrific, Kit. I'm loving how your character is evolving, and reconciling her Sidhe nature with her own essential personality.

A muchness of wow.
02/26/09 13:18
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