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agentlyseriaCollected here on this thread will be random tidbits I've accumulated over time from activities of the Sisters In Exile.

I'll be including various forms of information. Character backstories, events of interest, explanations and information surrounding the (fictious) clan, and other such things to satisfy your appetite for curio, and to occupy your boredom.

Perhaps you've met the Sisters In Exile already. We've been traveling left and right over the course of the last year, at times making friends, and foes, in curious places.

Sisters In Exile possess a headquarter ship, Prometheus class, in a sim called Exiled. This sim is, in turn, linked to the more commonly known Gathering of Dark Souls (GoDS). Also known as Stargate, when searching sim names.

Individuals with questions surrounding SIE are free to contact Juniper Lynagh in world. Or, you could simply sit back, relax, and check out the gradual updates which will occur in this thread, which may accidentally answer your questions; they may also generate several new questions...

Most important of all: don't take everything you see at face value. There are facts which are deliberately hidden, omitted, or outright modified, for a variety of reasons. And often, the most benign of surprises have the most profound implications.

11/22/09 12:27
agentlyseriaOn her fourtieth play of Solitaire, Juniper was getting exasperated. This day simply wasn't ending, and it was driving her nuts.

Then again, how much can you ask out of a teenager? Clad in uncomfortable, bulky, heavy body armor, perpetually under the stern, watchful eye of the automated security system, and her fellow Sisters, the hours dwindled by.

Her homework was long done, a research assignment about various substances which affect the ATP consumption rate of mitochondriates. Fascinating stuff, if you're a microbiologist. But she wasn't.

What was she, anyways? That was a weird question to ask, with far more bizarre answers.

Was she a girl? No. Like several other members of the Sisters in Exile, her genetic stock came from a breeding line millenias more evolved than those commonly found on this Earth. She was not a Homo Sapiens. She was the next step in evolution, Homo Evolutis. And that made her a hermaphrodite. A fact she was annoyingly proud about, too.

Was she a Sister? This term referred to the generic title used to describe members of the Sisters in Exile. Genderless, of course. And she wasn't, not truly. She was not born in the Sisterhood, raised in the Creches from birth to first assignment. Nor was she one of the Accepted, as Oversight still decided they'd offer her full training. She had joined twelve years into her age, far too old for regular Sisterhood indoctrination, and with too few life experiences to be considered an independant agent. Even in the Sisterhood, she didn't fit in quite right.

Was she even a person? Not really. She was a clone, after all. The real Juniper had died nineteen years ago. "A senseless accident", they said. More like a random act of violence from a mad man. She knew her predecessor had a knack for making enemies. How hard a leap of logic was it that one of them finally caught up with her? All her memories would tell her, coming in random, unexpected flashes at times, was that there was a man, cackling madly at something she has just said, pointing a barrel to her skull. And then, silence.

Well, it seemed her past wasn't done catching up with her.

She hated that concept. Her past. It wasn't her past. She was a different person. Countless times she walked the street on irrelevant errands, finding a person gawking slack-jawed at her apparition, with perfect strangers asking disturbingly personal questions. But they were thinking of the old, the dead Juniper. Her old "friends". She didn't need them. If they didn't understand she was a different person, they obviously wouldn't make very good friends. A convenient, simple, and efficient logic.

She had only her father to thank for this eternal battle of identity. So, okay, he wanted his daughter back. She died in his arms, in tragic circumstances. Boo fucking hoo. She was dead! Get over it! Not only did he go through the trouble of finding just the right genetic sample, but he even, somehow, through some insane circumstances, managed to snatch her soul, and place it in the clone. And the last insult, on top of that, he had the tremendeous creativity of calling her the same name. Isn't that selfish? Isn't that... just plain creepy?

Well, surely enough, it was a constant battle for identity. And time after time, some self-absorbed jackass would walk up to her, calling in some unegotiable favor, or vowing revenge for some ancient wrong, or even blaming her for not keeping in touch, all these years. And all she could tell them, well, you got the wrong girl. Yes. Right name. Right DNA. Right soul, even. How exactly can you make a convincing argument with facts like these?

Recently, so it would seem, another one of these self-absorbed jackasses came to haunt her. Only, he wasn't looking for a chat. Three attacks. Three dead. Herself, wounded, saved only from death thanks to the timely intervention of her aunt, and her own curious physiology. And part of the dead, her own sister.

No, not Sister, as in member of the Sisterhood. Sister, as in, comes from the same father. Yeah, I know, it gets confusing. Tell me about it.

A quick leap of logic. Two Sisters dead. Then an attack on herself. Then a fatal attack on her sister. Okay, it doesn't take a genius to guess, whoever this asshole is, he's got a grudge on her, and no problems killing everyone around. "Peripheral targets" sounds so convenient, so cold a word, when you're burying your own family member, and you know you were the real target.

And he was still out there, in the wild. Free. Laughing at her, probably. Taunting and belittling. Asshole.

A quick family meeting was called. Well, family. Mostly friends of the family. They may all be lead by the nicest, most pacifist man in town, literally a jesuit priest, now that he's divorced, the rest of the family does not share many of his... peaceful ways.

It took quite a bit to convince the more warlike members that to capture the assassin alive, preferrably with his jaw still attached to his skull would be best to interrogate him. His arms, and legs, all three of them, however, are considered far more expendable.

But of course, for all that wonderous planning and plotting revenge, he's yet to manifest again. Obviously, he's not caught.

Another ghost of a past that isn't hers to begin with. Another idiot that can't seem to notice that this particular Juniper looks ten years younger than the one that was seen last... nineteen years ago. Another immoral maniac that's not afraid of cutting down lives of innocents just to get some misguided revenge for a wrong everyone forgot about decades ago.

So Juniper waits. Sequestered in the safest place of the Sisterhood No-Ship, the bridge, constantly under the supervision of the security systems, the Bushi, the Sisterhood's armed forces, and even the occasional assistance from her uncles and aunts, armored head to toe in heavy, uncomfortable protective clothing, she waits.

She's bait.

Her purpose is to appear under high alert, but not utterly impossible a target. This would force the assassin in the heavily regulated environment of the grounded spaceship, giving him an opportunity to flaunt his infiltration capacity, and force him to reveal himself. By attempting to kill her, of course.

From there, an elaborate plan was drawn up to force the assassin into a corner, gas him, or taser him, or whatever is necessary to incapacitate him, finally placing him under circumstances where he could be interrogated, and justice be brought to him.

But this entire plan, elaborate and convoluted, depends on the assassin attempting to make a move, and try to kill Juniper.

So she waits. Playing solitaire on one of the unused terminals of the ship's bridge, staying out of the way of the regular business of her fellow Sisters, sequestered and forced to remain on the bridge of the ship, she waits.

She waits for a man to try to kill her.
11/22/09 12:29
agentlyseriaSisters In Exile: Origins

Who are these curious creatures, precisely? Where do they come from?

Well, as may sound rather predictable, the Sisters in Exile did not emerge out of nothing. They are a mutation of a known group of individuals. Namely, the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood.

Their story begins in an alternate timeline, in an alternate reality. The God Emperor Leto the 2nd has been assassinated, and the imperium of man crumbles under its own weight. Billions of hopeless and desperate souls leap in starships of dubious capacities and reach for the stars, escaping the confines of the known, the familiar, home. This event is known as the Scattering.

(To the Dune buffs out there, this event happens after God Emperor of dune, before Heretics of dune. And for most people that only read the first Dune novel, you'll be totally lost. So, obviously, get reading!)

Among the untold masses of humanity pushed to travel in the stars are a group of Bene Gesserit sisters which have grown dissatisfied with the leadership from their local Chapterhouse. So, they stole a No-Ship (Advanced spaceship which can be made virtually undetectable), and set sail to the stars, to start their own community, with their own set of values.

Main problem is, in their efforts to escape detection, they had limited resources for their flight, and were forced to make a space folding, without the aid of a Guild Navigator.

Without a trained, skilled individual capable of accurately piloting the space folding drive, the individuals in the ship made a critical mistake attempting to flee. Instead of folding the first three dimensions of space, they accidentally folded the fifth.

To help the audience understand what the hell is the 5th dimension, here is a convenient youtube video:

Long story short, they didn't move in space. They moved in time.

Emerging from a catastrophic space folding in an unfamiliar world, namely, this one, they limped across the stars, traveling to the spot in the world the most likely to have humans. Earth.

After a disgraceful crash landing, the survivors from the ship emerged on this earth, only to finally realize just how different this world was. The world from whence they came was 6,000 years more advanced than this one. Not only that, this was their very first exposure to supernatural creatures. And this land was crawling with them.

For a society built on augmenting the prosperity of humanity, expert in politics, social engineering, religion, and power brokerage, the survivors from the ship ended up in a landscape very different from what they had been trained for.

So they did what humanity does best. They adapted.

They re-purposed themselves. The Sisterhood was built, originally, on improving the prosperity of humanity at large, and ensuring the continued survival of the human race. In this world where humanity is besieged from all sides by all sorts of supernatural competitors, this concept took on a whole new meaning. No longer was controlling humanity and its internal wars sufficient to regulate its self-destruction. The threat was now external.

They reorganized themselves. Mutating from a decentralized secret society, they borrowed structures from private companies and historical entities, creating a complex and self-repairing system of hierarchy and chain of command. No longer could they afford the flexibility of individual, unmonitored agents with vague mission statements. They created the structure which they needed to survive.

They renamed themselves. No longer was the title of Bene Gesserit Sister relevant in this land that would not see the creation of the group for another 4,000 years. So they chose a fitting name, Sisters in Exile.

Several of the tools which were previously accessible to the Bene Gesserit Sisters were no longer options.

They had no access to Spice. This crippling weakness eventually lead to the death of the entire crew of the ship, due to spice withdrawal. They were forced to adapt their techniques, their teachings, their approach towards their offspring to take into account the lack of a resource which could have tilted the odds in favor of humanity.

Their ship was no longer space worthy. The combined effects of the catastrophic space/time folding, with the long journey to earth, and finally, the crash landing severely damaged their ship. Though it was functional as a bunker, it took decades of repair efforts to recover the ship's space worthiness. Without a working spaceship dock, countless parts needed to be hand crafted, assembled, and installed to replace the damaged or destroyed bits and pieces of the ship.

They did not understand anything about the supernatural. Sisterhood tactics were designed in an environment involving humans fighting humans, or, historically, humans fighting intelligent machines. They had never fought a werewolf, or even believed they could walk the earth. Angels and Demons were naught but metaphors for them. To face the living dead was a profoundly changing experience for the survivors of the Sisterhood, beings which are scientifically impossible, and yet right there, standing, sneering at you, mentioning your blood smells particularly tasty. These lessons were of dire importance, and often learned at the cost of blood and life.

Knowing that, due to spice withdrawal, the members of the ship would die relatively quickly, and with no way back home due to their crippled ship, the newly renamed Sisters in Exile began a breeding project with the local population. Far easier to model an impressionable child than to try to convince a grown adult, they created educational creches to raise their children from birth, modeling them into the values of the Sisterhood, and whorehouses and dens inequities, to lure proper genetic contributors into the breeding program, unwittingly, and create the next generation of Sisters.

Today, nobody from the original crew of the Sisterhood No-Ship, Litany of Hope, has survived. Through trials of adaptation, attrition of war, and spice withdrawal, they have all perished. But their offspring have survived. Picking up the mantle of their cause, they have forged a new identity for themselves on this earth. Using ancient and irrelevant guidelines as their compass, they strive to adapt a culture which was never intended for this world, building a society which names itself the same Sisterhood from which it was created, irrelevant of the now irrevocable differences this new world has forced.

The Sisters in Exile walk this earth. And, like the humanity they protect, they will endure any hardships in the name of the ultimate goal of life. To survive.
11/22/09 14:20
Que Amaterasu[quote=agentlyseria]They did not understand anything about the supernatural. Sisterhood tactics were designed in an environment involving humans fighting humans, or, historically, humans fighting intelligent machines. They had never fought a werewolf, or even believed they could walk the earth. Angels and Demons were naught but metaphors for them. To face the living dead was a profoundly changing experience for the survivors of the Sisterhood, beings which are scientifically impossible, and yet right there, standing, sneering at you, mentioning your blood smells particularly tasty. These lessons were of dire importance, and often learned at the cost of blood and life.[/quote]
Nicely stated Juni. Well written. You give SIE wonderful depth. And am so jealous you have time to put such works together.

/me pops you the finger, enviously.
11/22/09 14:24
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