The Definitive Explanation of Experience Rewards In Relation to Role Play Quality, Player Level, and Role Play Duration

Starting Statement: We've been dealing with this stuff now for about four years and I've always more or less expected admins and GM's to award XP for role play in what I believe is a common sense fashion. As we have grown over the last four years these explanations have become less clear for some, others have just never heard of them. I have conversations with some on the issue the relay what I've said to others, and in large people become confused because there is no hard set, clear cut, documentation in regards to it.

I must first cover a few obvious qualifying rules that apply to XP awards in general:

  • XP for role play is currently on an unlimited budget, meaning there is no top end limit to how much experience a sim in the CCS system can award to players for role play based awards. The only limit on XP awards are the following:
  • XP Cannot be awarded for standard SL style events, Best in Black, come dance to our DJ stuff. Standard Linden Cash awards are still what you must used in the case of OOC, non-role play events.
  • XP cannot be awarded as "payment" for services rendered, I.E. paying GMs in XP for being GMs in your sim, paying a builder in XP for building in your sim and so on and so forth. These are OOC activities and volunteer activities and are not subject to "payment" in any "CCS" based currency currently in existence or that may exist in the future (currently the only "currency" of CCS is experience this will change in the future.) Payment for "services rendered" if required must be done in normal fashions via Linden dollar or in another arrangement between the parties involved.
  • CCS based Tournaments are limited to a total of 10000xp per 30 day period per CCS community, notice that says community, not per sim. Some communities are one sim, other communities are 20 sims, thus if it were per sim, the 20 sim community would have 200000xp if we allowed it per sim. So its per community, 10000xp total, every 30 days. It does not accumulate and if you don't use it in one 30 day period, you still only have 10000xp for the next 30 day period.
  • All XP awards require documentation on the database player record as to why they were given, you must give some kind of qualifying documentation to justify awards given out.

Absolute Numbers and Definitions of Award Worthy Circumstances:

Circumstances of XP Award

Small RP/Daily RP - Small RP or Daily RP is the process of natural off the hip role play as it occurs within your sim. If you, as an admin or GM happen to observe or take part in a small, free form scene where you feel the players involved in the scene did an excellent job with their role play. You may award what I call Small RP/Daily RP awards for said RP. The absolute duration of the scene is subject to the free form factors of the scene itself. The scene itself must be IC (in character) interactions, and the awards allowed for this are what I consider "rule of thumb" or common sense awards of small amounts of XP to award and encourage IC interaction as follows per the level of the players:

  • Level 1 - 20: 50 - 250xp
  • Level 20 - 50: 250 - 500xp
  • Level 50 - 90: 500 - 1000xp

As stated these were considered "common sense" based daily RP/small RP awards but there is much confusion in regards to them. So we are giving the "rule of thumb" documentation here so this is more clearly understood. Other things that fall under this category are unobserved RP's that are handed in via note card from a player to a GM(GMs and sim admins are NOT required to award XP for note cards handed to them and it is left to their own discretion whether they will accept note card based scenes for award consideration or not, some GMs and sim admins currently do, others do not.), and sim wide spontaneous "monster hunt" RP's where the entire player base currently online in a sim bands together to take on one large GM designed NPC.

Large Scale RP Participation Awards - Large Scale RP Participation Awards are defined as a players involvement in large scale sim role play events. These are defined as sim wide storyline events that are put on as entertainment by the staff of a sim, or large scale RP story lines being run independently by the players within a sim with the blessing of the attending staff. The minimum required amount of time for these kinds of awards is at least one full day of play's interaction with the storyline event and participation with said event. (One "full" day of play being anywhere from 4 to 10 hours depending on a players availability) And requires visible and meaningful input and interaction within the course of events that drives and dictates the storyline of RP for the event. These events can last anywhere from one day, to up to a week or more depending on the story itself, the sim and the player interest in the story line and the time available for the parties involved in presenting the story for others to interact within it. The award rule for the following style of RP is what we call 100xLevel and we will explain this equation fully:

100xLevel: This style of XP award is applied to large scale RP's in participation of sim wide coordinated or spontaneous events that last for a duration of time and the player interaction with that event has been substantial. It means you take 100 XP, and then multiply that by the level of the player, and thus, you get their appropriate award. For a level 1, it would be, obviously, 100xp, which is substantial and appropriate for a level 1, for a level 50, it would be 5000xp, which is substantial and appropriate for a level 50. 100xLevel cannot be applied to tournaments, small/daily RP, monster hunts or "clan wars". It is only applicable to large scale sim role play event participation.


Hopefully this more logically explains the XP awards situation for role play in regards to what is expected from the CCS administration. And what we feel is logical and appropriate depending on the level of the players involved and the circumstances of RP as they occur. I will be "localizing" this document with French and Spanish versions via Google Translator, please forgive me if Google Translator screws it up in any fashion and feel free to send me corrections if you find errors in the translated versions.

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