Theres been quite a bit of confusion and misunderstanding in the area of use of enhanced weapons within CCS, and overall some negative feedback in regards to the use of them at all. Regardless, I've always been a bit reticent to tell people what they can do outside my own sims or to dictate policy from the central seat of CCS development to the enrity of the network. Regardless of that, it appears that this is a situation where I must lay down some "laws" so everyone has a central guideline from which to work with and understand.

So here we go, straight from Suzanna's burning bush.

The Ten Commandments of CCS Enhanced Weapon Usage for Players:

I.) Thou shalt not use more than one weapon per hand thou art blessed with.

II.) Thou shalt not use more than one weapon which requires two hands to animate.

III.) Thou shalt not use more than one enhanced item which blesses thee with the same benefit twice.

IV.) Thou shalt not use two enhanced weapons which affect thy enemies with the same negative effect more than once.

V.) Thou shalt not stack nor attach multiple instances of the same weapon to increase the benefit of a single effect on thyself nor others.

VI.) Thou wilt understand that enhanced, shields or armor count as "one weapon" and thus reduce your weapon usage available to one hand and shalt consider any unarmed melee HUD or rifle or animated two handed melee weapon a weapon which requires "both hands".

VII.) Thou wilt not remove scripts and resources from one or many enhanced items and stack these scripts and resources in one weapon.

VIII.) Thou shalt not knowingly exploit and shalt always report enhanced CCS weapons that appear to be out of standards to a duly authorized representative of the CCS system.

IX.) Thou shalt not abuse nor stack more than one of the same 3rd party CCS HUD attachment.

X.) Thou shalt not abuse thy fellows and companions with exploitations of of the previous nine commandments.

The Ten Commandments of CCS Enhanced Weapon Development:

I.) Thou shalt not create ranged weaponry which uses the status effect of daze, for it makes my teeth itch.

II.) Thou shalt not steal racial points with melee nor ranged weaponry any faster than once every 30 seconds, nor shalt ye allow such abilities without the minimum cost of 40 stamina per usage.

III.) Thou shalt not create weapons with higher enhancement/damage/draining ratios than thy fellows simply to attempt to make money.

IV.) Thou shalt not create any one weapon be it ranged or melee which can kill a single level one player with one shot. Unless such weapon is an explosive weapon with an area of effect where the ground zero effect of such explosion exceeds the natural hit points of a level one player.

V.) Thou shalt not create any weapon, be it ranged, melee, or HUD based enhancement, which exceeds the natural capabilities of a CCS class or race.

VI.) Thou shalt not distribute thy creations with modify permissions if said creations have the CCS API module in them. As this emboldens the evil Exploiters tribe, which are unpleasing to mine eyes.

VII.) Thou shalt ensure script security in thy creations, ensuring that if hostile or foriegn scripts are introduced to all prims in a link_set, that your own scripts and the CCS API module are deleted from said weapon.

VIII.) Thou shalt always question The Creator shouldst thou create a weapon that you are unsure of or that you feel may become questionable within The Balance.

XI.) Thou shalt not look upon thy fellows as thine enemies, nor shalt thou covet their arsenals.

X.) Thou shalt always develop thy weapons while considering if thou wouldst enjoy being the target of your own creations.

So there we are, some easily understandable ground rules that the CCS Community can debate over for the next 2000 years. It worked for Moses, maybe it'll work for us.

Regardless, try not to take the messianic tone here as anything more than what it is, a joke method of presenting some guidelines and rules that I believe we should make a driven effort, as a community, to follow and adhere to.

Thanks all.

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