DAZE - Daze causes a character to be unable to move.

CURSE - Health/Stamina Regeneration is halted, melee damage is reduced to 0.

POISON - Health steadily decreases throughout the duration of the poisoning.

WEAKENED - Melee attacks will only hit for 1 point of damage for the duration of this effect.

CONFUSED - Melee attacks go wild, possibility hitting unintended targets.

BERSERK - Your character loses control and will wildly attack the nearest target, dealing immense amounts of damage to friend or foe.

ARMOR - Armor mitigates damage by a matching its value to the value of the damage recieved, if the armor value exceeds the damage value, the damage is ignored, if the damage value exceeds the armor value, the difference is taken in damage. Armor comes in several versions, but Tank archtypes have the strongest armor of all the archtypes.

BUFFED - Buffs give a variable amount of increase in melee damage output depending on the buff in use, DPS classes have the most efficient and highest damaging buffs available.

HoT - Heal over Time, this effect causes you to gain health at per tick intervals based on the base value of the heal.

DoT - Damage over Time, this effect will cause you to lose health or stamina, on a per tick interval, based on the original value of the DoT base damage, they can be very debilitating.

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