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DescriptionA basic healing ability allowing everyone to heal themselves, but with low efficiency.
RacesDeath-Dealer, Stalker, Arch-Angel, Hunterkiller, Flayer, Shade, Wraith, Assassin, Mouser, Feyblade, Guardian, Drone, Warrior, Soldier, Brute, Prowler, Bladeweaver, Sentinel, Revenant, Templar, Myrmidon, Defiler, Arcanist, Werelock, Cabalist, Magus, Diablerist, Thaumaturge, Eidolon
Target methodSELF
Cost for use66 STAMINA
Damage dealt
Damage healed98 LIFE
Status effect on target
Extra effects
Reuse timer30.000 sec.
Intelligence factor1

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