NEW K98 Katana+CCS Buffs+

--Blood Feast
-Heals you for 1.5% of your max HP
-Adds 1.5% of their max HP LIFE damage (undodgeable)
-Cost: 2 Racials + 5% of max stamina
-Duration: 120 Seconds (2 minutes)
-Cooldown: 30 Seconds (.5 minutes)
-Message: "/me's blade hungers for the blood of their enemies."
-Uses: The best sustain in the game, DPS can deliver a lot of heavy blows with this buff. Aside from that, Tanks are left not having to waste support CDs on Dull Pain. The life drain and damage STACK with Rage/Cruelty; which means this is something that should be go-to for melee users. Casters and healers will find less use for this, seeing as it requires one to be toe to toe to get the best use out of it.

--Vitality Leech
-Heals you for 1.5% of your max STAM
-Destroys 1.5% of their max STAM
-Cost: 2 Racials + 4% of max stamina
-Duration: 120 Seconds (2 minutes)
-Cooldown: 30 Seconds (.5 minutes)
-Message: "makes a thousand tiny cuts, draining their opponents strength will boosting their own."
-Uses: This is a staple buff in melee weapons, DPS need this frequently to keep themselves from losing damage to lack of stamina. Tanks will most likely keep this up to be a utility for their party. Absorbing damage and taking down Stam pools is the best way to utilize a Tank between stuns. However, Casters and Healers need this the most. Keeping their own stamina pools lively during a close-quarters fight is ideal. Closing the gap and tapping someone a few times with this buff between cooldowns is THE way to win.

--Power Drain
-Grants you 1 racial point.
-Destroys 1 enemy racial point and weakens them for 10 seconds. (Available every 30 seconds)
-Cost: 2% of your max stam per proc.
-Duration: Permanent (permanent toggle, disengages on toggle or another buff selection)
-Cooldown: None
-Message: "/me's blade saps their opponent's power away..."
-Uses: If you are an old CCSer, you remember when this buff was added to the mix. This is still the most popular and widely requested buff in API weapons. No matter what the class, being low on racials prevents you from performing, and keeping this on toggle when you have the upper hand adds insult to injury.

--Razor Edge.
-Deals 40 (+ your level) DOT damge. 20% chance to hit.
-Additional 3% LIFE damage to Humans and Lycans.
-Cost: 3 Racials and 6% of your stamina.
-Duration: 120 Seconds (2 minutes)
-Cooldown: 60 Seconds (1 minute)
-Message: "/me's blade glints in the light, flashing its razor sharp, silver edge."
-Uses: If it is a Lycan or Human target, this buff should be the go-to over top of the Blood Feast buff. However, if you are a Caster or DPS this buff still might be a good choice, as they lack powerful swings, but Blood Feast still grants a huge boon to damage while offering sustain. If they are Human or Lycan DPS and Tanks should be swapping out to this buff no matter what the situation is; it offers a large amount of noticeable damage that can end fights before they even start with well placed stun cooldowns.


First and foremost, there is an overlying rule of "IF THEY ARE A LYCAN OR HUMAN, USE RAZOR EDGE." Also, you should be micro-managing the Racial Theft in between buffs if you know it is going to be a longer fight. With that said, follow the below.

Healer - Pop Racial Theft on for the start of a fight, either swap to Stam steal between thefts, or hard-swap when you are below 50% stamina.

Melee Tank/DPS - This is pretty simple, and that is when you have more than 50% stamina you should be spamming damage abilities and smashing people with the Blood Feast buff. When you need stamina switch to KO Blow or Charge and lay into them with Vitality Leech. This rotation will keep you as a threat, and most likely win you fights against people many levels higher than you. It can be argued that swapping in stuns with Blood Feast up will put on more damage, but practice just keeping up without stuns to keep more damage uptime with these buffs. Remember, if your primary buff is down, swap to Power Drain - it will turn itself off as soon as you pop Blood Feast / Vitality Leech again.

Caster - Not down and out, keep Racial Theft up and lay damage on from a distance while moving in to steal racials and then running out to keep distance. If you find yourself low on Stamina do not be afraid to swap to the Vitality Leech to make sure you keep your pool full of vitality using the same tactic of coming in for a few swings and then running out so that you can Hex them out of damage or stun them with your AoE.
Here at Messer we understand that the SL economy has changed a lot in the past year. Up down, some days better than others, then figure in the real world economy and it is no wonder things have changed.

In order to reflect the Second Life economic changes we have cut prices on EVERYTHING, across the board. Some items are drastically reduced since we understand they are more specialty items.

These new prices are available at all locations, including our main store, affiliate vendors and on the Marketplace (Though we recommend buying in world since the Marketplace is very unreliable at the moment and if there is a delivery problem there is usually not much we can do other than wait)

Main Store

Lycan Claws: Update and SaleWe are proud to say that we have updated the lycan claws to include animations for quad (4 legged) av's. We do ask that people preview the quad animations before buying the claws if that is what they are getting for since it would be impossible to make them work with every single 4 legged av out there.

You can preview the animations in our main store in Fiddlers Green.

Also in this update we have reduced the damage against vampires and nekos to 3%. I understand some people are not happy about this but in recent weeks I have watched a lot of fights and noticed that with the new damage reductions in melee weapons the 4% was a bit over powered. So in order to keep things balanced we reduced it. All older versions with the 4% damage in them have been shut down and will not work.

Also for a limited time the claws are on sale for 1000L$ This is at our in world vendors and affiliate resellers. The marketplace is not included in this sale.
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