The real deal...What has...
4 Barrel options
2 Flash Hiders
2 Supressors
3 stock options
3 rail options in 3 lengths (9 yep)
4 optics
2 iron sights
2 gas blocks
2 rail covers
1 PEQ15
2 Surefire Weapon Lights
2 Charging Handles
2 Battery Assist Devices
3 Magazines
2 Underslung Attachments (remington masterkey and M203)

Includes everything you need for the apocalypse, batteries, grenades, ammo, you name it, all of it finely textures and available for inspection.

The Stock, Grip, Mag and Rail Assemblies, Covers and even some of the sights are all included with Black/Desert/Forest textures and in some cases COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE COLORS.

Yes she is pretty, she is supposed to be pretty, this gun is fresh off the factory floor here at the Black Operations Industrial Arms Facility. Want a little "wear" USE IT (no seriously, the gun gets dirty).

UPDATES!!! And a new product the Mk18We've been busy!

This is the Mk18 MagPul Mod, a 7.5" Barrel SBR designed around CoLA needs. Short, powerful, 30 rounds of christmas cheer...wait it's not christmas...think of it as distributing lead candy. That will work right?

Our stamina injectors now have a new lower price of 400L$

These injectors activate once your stamina reaches 0 and gives you that little extra edge needed in a fight.

Activation includes:
+30% Stamina
-30% LIFE
-1 Racial
60s Weaken
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