[:TCR:] Abomination : Scythe of Cronus
Version 1.0 (CCS Enhanced)

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? ? ? ? ? The Demeter ? ? ? ? ?

A curved blade, deadly, sharp, elegant. Comfortable in the hands of both reaving corsairs, and hidden Assassins in the deserts.
Named for the Vessel that took Tepes to the shores of England, and forged from iron found in Carfax Abbey, the sword can allow the strongest brute to cleave thier foes' skulls to the teeth, and allow the most adept blademaster to weave a deadly web of steel around them; Death by a Thousand Cuts is possible with the greatest of ease.
Some even whisper to this day that these blades are infused with the malign spirits of The Impaler himself, draining the very souls from their bodies, bit by bit, stroke by stroke.

? ? ? ? ? CCS Enhancements ? ? ? ? ?

Note: For game balance purposes none of the enhancements stack with the other enhancements or can be used before their cool downs are up.

Messer Classic:
The malign energies give the wielder strength, Capable of slicing through armour, flesh, sinew and bone, or even through the masts of another ship.

+50 Mele added onto your base damage+2% Mele
Cost: 3 racials
Duration 2 minutes
Cooldown 1 minute

Sword Dance
Named for the Dances by Assassins of the Sands, the Sword Dance gives the wielder greater dexterity, speed, and agility as they cut their foes to ribbons, each cut causing greater pain than the last.

+30 Mele added onto your base damage +1.2% Mele
Cost: 25% of your max racials (Scales with level)
Duration: 120 seconds
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Additional Effects: After hitting an opponent 20 times, “Second Dance” activates, which gives and additional +30+1.2% mele to your damage. When 15 hits are landed in Second dance, “Third dance” activates which adds a further +30+1.2% mele to your damage. Once 11 hits are landed in Third Dance, the buff switches back to the damage of +30 +1.2% Mele
command: /8dance

Vital Essence:
Taking on the worst aspects of The Impaler himself, the weilder transfixes their opponent upon the blade, draining strength and, some say, part of the victim's very soul.

Damage: +50 Mele added to your base damage +2% Mele
Effects: Racial steal on hit, 30 sec CD, 2% stam cost per succesful steal
Refund effect: If Stam drops below 25% or is below 25% at time of activation,, 1 racial is taken in
exchange for 10% stam heal. 320 sec CD
Duration: 180 secs
Cooldown: 30 secs
Command: /8vital

This weapon sizes down small enough for petite avatars.

CCS Black MarketHey all, been a bit since we've had much to say on this front as we're mostly waiting on API 3.0 to take over for 2.5 as soon as we finish up the encryption for CCS 1.0.5

But regardless of that, the following adjustment must be made to all weapons which use stealing mechanics. The simple facts are your weapons shouldn't be stealing racials from scripted objects that are not a player or CCS meter.

The suggested method is to place the following code into your detected target state.

if(llGetAgentSize(llDetectedKey(0)) != ZERO_VECTOR) { //place damage string in these brackets }

This is a very simple string which says "is that an avatar? then do [stuff], if not an avatar, do not do [stuff]".

Overall just because the API doesn't immediately hand you a solution to something doesn't mean there isn't a very simple application of LSL which can do it for you.

Please implement this into all weaponry that uses stealing mechanics and update your product bases as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time and support of the CCS Community.
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