Community Combat System: Double XP Policy v2.0 - 10/19/10

  • L$25000 - 24 hours of double XP for your region or chain.
  • L$50000 - 48 hours of double XP for your region or chain.
  • L$75000 - 72 hours of double XP for your region or chain.

You cannot exceed 72 hours in one double XP scheduling. Also you cannot schedule double XP to end or start the day before or day after a free full network double XP period. There must be at least 24 hours of normal XP rate in your regions between your Double XP Scheduling and any network wide double XP period.

Availability and Some New Considerations:

Double XP is available to all regions under the following terms:

  • You may only schedule one instance of double XP for your region in a 30 day period. Just one scheduling as of November, 2010, is what will be allowed. I had intended to return to two in November but its obvious we need to scale this down some, so one scheduling, per community/sim chain, per month. You MAY NOT take 3 sims in a chain and schedule one event each week of a month for each sim in the chain, if scheduled, it pertains to all sims in a chain or community group, if you choose not to activate certain sims of that chain for that month, then they will be counted as having been part of your double XP scheduling for that monthly period regardless of having been included or not.
  • You may not advertise Double XP for your region in the CCS Events group as it if it, by itself, is an event. Double XP is NOT an event. The intention is to support and draw more attention and interest to events and RP you may be running. You may advertise events going on in your sims during your scheduled periods but you may NOT, at any time, advertise double XP or advertise it offhand by adding a link to a double XP access group in your events advertisement. Double XP from now on can not be ADVERTISED IN ANY FASHION IN ANY CCS GROUP. If CCS is in the group name I don't care who owns it the group it is an official CCS group.
  • Closing Sim to Group Only/Charging for Group Access: The MAXIMUM group access fee allowed for attempting to recoup costs or dissuade campers/griefers is 500L, anything more than that will disqualify your sim from the scheduled Double XP period.
  • Multiple Double XP Groups: Use of a toll booth method of double or triple charging individuals to move from one sim to another in a sim chain by having a different double XP group for each sim in the chain is NOT ALLOWED. Sims found doing this will have their double XP canceled without refund and will be liable for refund of all group join fees collected for their scheduled period to all players that paid into the group. You may only have ONE Double XP Access group per CHAIN of sims, period.

Date of Availability:

Double XP Scheduling is available to all sim owner/admins of any sim in the CCS Network for one scheduling per month at any time, no specific dates can be scheduled and requested that no other sims or sim owners may schedule for those dates. You must schedule your Double XP request at least 24 hours in advance of the date you want it scheduled and payment must be made when the event is arranged.

In Closing:

I am hoping that this allows the CCS network to once again take advantage of being able to provide slightly elevated experience for their communities to help promote the RP and events they do within their communities and that this allows the lower levels within the network to pick up and become more powerful within the game and be more competitive with older, higher level players, more quickly.

Double XP has its good points, one of them being CCS being able to finance its endeavors. But I personally made the choice to cut our profit intake on Double XP as it was because of how exploitable it was and because it was being abused. I have put 9 months of development into not only making our game better, but also making it more secure so we could return this feature to the sim owners in a fashion which the system itself would discourage the exploitation that the community was having such a problem with. I hope everyone takes that under consideration here.

I ate all our costs, paying Melanie, sim tiers, bandwidth, server costs, legal costs, and I did it all without Double XP running, so while Double XP does allow CCS to make a fair profit, I took all of that away and again, shouldered much of the financial burden for all this to try to make it RIGHT for those of you that had problems with it, and try to make it right for the network so it was a benefit and not a detriment. Keep that in mind when you consider the new policy. I chose to not make money I had every right to continue making, to make good with the community on this policy. And to meet the communities concerns with the previous policy halfway.

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