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CoLAUp at the top of the site you'll see there is a new link that says COLA SWAG. We're just putting an option out there for our player base and fans of the COLA Universe to buy t-shirts with our community logo on them.

We get a small commission for each purchase so it helps out our finances a bit and gets you a wicked obscure gothy t-shirt that will make people wonder how you suddenly got so hip and underground.

Unpurchasable at Hot-Topic, The Gap, or even the local Salvation Army, your CoLA t-shirt will be a unique item in your goth wardrobe that even your coolest friends can't get!

In all seriousness we just thought we'd try it out, purchases are not compulsory but grab one if you want one.

If people like the idea we'll expand the inventory a bit with some other options and new graphic designs. Otherwise, no harm, no foul.
#1 | Maljai_Jhamin on June 02 2011 19:01:14
Oh I like it. I can see even factional shirts, maybe something with the zodiac bar, fan art, mouse pads, boxers and panties, hats. I know people who can pose in the shirts and such to promote it as well. Smile
#2 | Adius on June 03 2011 06:21:58
Ooh tempting. I think I might have to have one of those tops. Also, I love the idea of factional t-shirts, especially if they're in kids sizes as well. Even though I'm a Choirboy and always will be, It would definately suit my little erm.. "treasures" to have "Brood Prospect" printed on their backs. ;-)
#3 | SpeyederFarina on June 05 2011 13:31:21
I would Love a shirt with faction logos. maybe posters too Smile
#4 | baiwei on September 16 2014 17:40:00
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#5 | toneypan on October 31 2014 10:00:39
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