Lost Angels Factions

The City of Lost Angels is vast and wide.. And let us not forget deep.. There are many races and factions, groups, covens, guilds, packs, and families within the city.

In an attempt to register and record those who wish to be known and acknowledged among the residents, below is a list in which you may distinguish your own race and fellowship to the growing catalog of LA's residents.

The following factions are officially recognized within the City of Lost Angels and its subsidiaries

  • Archaic Redemption
  • Brood
  • Choir
  • Clan
  • Collective
  • Coven
  • Pack
  • Syndicate
  • Tribe
Archaic Redemption (Undead/Risen)

Risen through insanity to forefill thier very existence "supremacy", The Undead legion make up some of the most obscure twisted individuals in LA, Cannibal's , Masochist 's, Vile abonimation's have combined to bestow chaos and destruction wherever they may go, There are many type's of Undead that walk within thier rank's, some holding various skills such as flesh crafting and Necromancy, Other's that carry the repungent virus of the risen. Be warned they are not for the faint hearted.

Tearing down the walls
Breaching frontiers
Unlocking the gates
To a new world disorder
A fresh balance of terror
The equilibrium of hate
Archaic nescience unleashed
Entrenched, a bitter legacy
Tempered in mental scars


Faction Leader: Tempest Ella
Roleplay Coordinator: Jessicka Graves

Head Officers: Jolene Merlin,

THE BROOD (Demons):

The Brood are demons of all kinds, united under a single banner, for a single cause: to spread their power, inspire fear and drive their victims into the control of one... or more... of the seven deadly sins. Everyone shall fall to this darkness.

Not only demons are drawn to this faction but the darker side of the populous as well. Deviants, cultists and those wishing to bring about a reign of Hell on Earth as they serve at the devil's right hand.


Charissa Korvin
Odoriko Aleixandre
Eianna Cale

Hear the angels sing in their saintly chorus even as the sword of retribution clang in battle and drip with blood. See their blinding light and bask in the feeling of warmth under the shining hope. The Choir stands as the messengers and guides in the path of Light. As the beacon of hope in the darkness of the mortal world, the Choir strives to offer assistance with both a soft yet firm hand. The balance of Light... that is the Choir.

Soriel Shepherd
In all worlds, at all times, there have been those that are different... Those that don't fit into the society the were born in... Those with special powers, that set them in superiority to their fellow beings... Those that are distrusted, feared, hated...

Some of them eventually managed to find a place within society, hidden from others. The majortiy however was forced to leave their homeplace, driven away by the people they knew, perhaps even loved, forced to roam the world in search of a new home.

Lost Angels... A boiling pot of immortal and mortal forces... The perfect place for the odd, the outcast, to settle down and create a new dwelling place for themselves. This place is the Clan.

Proud of their uniqueness and their powers, the members of the Clan will no longer hide in the dark. They form a close community, struggling for their right to live in this world, fighting to be acknowledged as what they are, reaching for power...

Not being strong in means of weaponry and warfare, they focus on their special abilites, their ranks including black mages, mentalists, witches, necromancers, hybrids and tricksters, a list hardly ever to end.

Their primary home, the old asylum at the south border of the city, was recently destroyed in a huge fire, set aflame by their enemies. A foul deed that had an unintended effect: it set their anger aflame as well.

The Clan is lurking now, smiling at the outside world with a friendly face, while extending their ranks constantly, nourishing their power, waiting for a chance...
Tanith Karas

A group of freelance mercenaries able to go where the money goes. When contracted, they will fight, steal, spy or kill for those that have the aforementioned money. They have no allegiances, other than the flow of cash, and will work for anyone, no matter who they are, or how unethical the request may be. The Collective is an equal oppertunity employer and with our business the customer is not always right.

Juicy Redstar

THE COVEN (Vampires):

The Vampires of Lost Angel's consider themselves the top of the food chain in the city, an assertion often contested by the other nefarious factions, though quite often the vampires align themselves with Lycans, Demons, and even at times Hunters...depending on who their current enemy is.

While the general vampire population fluctuates at any given time, those who wish to make their home with the tight-knit, loyal and ruthless Coven will need to plan on proving their skills, availability and loyalty, before obtaining a highly coveted invitation to join the elite family that handles the kindreds' business interests within the city.


Shyann Nightfire
Vice Garzo
Gensa Jameson

We are predators that prowl the streets of LA. The big bad wolf that comes knocking on your door - half man, half wolf, all trouble. Some look human, others don't. Some have tails and ears, others don't. But all of us are feral, wild, violent werewolves when the full moon rises and the hunger for meat can't be satisfied by a simple Happy Meal. In a world filled by vampires, demons, nekos, angels and humans, we are driven by instincts - primal instincts, all sparked off by the howl of the hunt.

Pack RP Coords:
Castalia Darkstone
Arsene Braveheart

The Syndicate.... Humanity's last chance at survival... it's last hope. Currently the only group consisting primarily of humans who, through their differences, came together when all was thought lost and began to rebuild. Starting out as nothing but a group of refugee's during the beginning of the Apocalypse that slowly banded together through their differences, though they still remain strong. As a group, the Syndicate has stood as the symbol for humanity's survival, slowly over time increasing it's strength and outreach. The Syndicate has very strong distrust for all non-humans, commonly caused from events and deaths of loved ones or past relatives. Though some have earned the trust of the Syndicate, those of the Syndicate always sleep with one eye open. The Syndicate has the goal of one day placing humans back on the top of the food chain, in it's rightful spot on this planet.

Maljai Jhamin (Rp Coordinator / SSD Division Commander)
Annette Hotaling (Syndicate Security Division Commander)
UsrBin Perl (Syndicate Logistics Commander)
Joshua Taggart (Syndicate Field Officer)
Su Pointe (GM and Rp Coordinator / Syndicate Chief)

Banded together from single strays roaming the streets of LA, the Tribe has come a long way. Our Family has grown as new brothers and sisters have joined us. We have changed our ways slowly as the City has changed around us. It was no easy path, and it will be a long way to get to where we can be. Although we are stronger now, we were never meant to rule the city, that we leave to those wanting this position. The Neko Tribe is no longer composed of just nekos but also those who chose to follow our ways. We are predators and hunters, we own the rooftops. But most of all we listen to what others miss. Secretive by nature, and our famed curiosity leads us on paths not many will travel.

Isha Fireguard
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