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CCSSo its come to my attention that theres a TON of people screaming about "meter bugs" during combat lately and I've been wondering what it was about as the reports weren't all that clear. Finally today someone sent me an actual log which showed the problem and I'm sort of just doing a /facepalm here.

Heres the bug:

[14:05] ?ady ?hibari (alegria.vita) shouts: [14:00] ?ady ?hibari (alegria.vita) grita: ((!!!CCS - MTR - 1.0.3: !!!CCS - MTR - 1.0.3 [script:*CCS_MTR_Menu_Engine] Script run-time error
!!!CCS - MTR - 1.0.3: Stack-Heap Collision >>> MTR Bug!!)) >>> BACK! ))

Now look at the script thats erroring. MTR_Menu_Engine...what does MTR_Menu_Engine do? It populates TARGETS to menus allowing you to use your CCS against people you are fighting.

What does it not do? It doesn't accept non-standard characters. Ergo all these UTF-8 characters people are using as "display names" to make themselves look "elite", they're basically retarding their own ability to use CCS. The CCS Targeting menu doesn't accept anything but standard characters A through Z, 1 through 0...thats it.

So your "meter bug" is basically people doing something silly with a Linden feature added with Viewer 2...and then blaming CCS for being "buggy" when CCS isn't designed to recognize UTF-8 characters. If you don't want to deal with "meter bugs" then stop spelling your name as: ??????? ???????

CCS wasn't designed to interpret Latin people. Seriously. LOL even the website can't intepret the Latin and UTF-8 characters people are using, anyways the question marks are all non-standard UTF-8/Latin characters. Stop using them and you stop getting "Meter bugs".
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