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Gamma Wave Games NewsPlease contact me either in world with the email you used:

Email Me
, or PM me here on the site if you have basic access and let me know.

We do have about 25 registrants which have outstanding unvalidated registrations, the domains are pretty scattered, and some of them are from domains that other users are having no problem getting registration emails at.

Regardless I have validation strings for everyone thats been waiting and for some reason has not gotten a validation email. I'm examining our xheader info to see if it might for some reason being auto flagged as spam but so far I've no problem receiving server generated sendmail to my ISP emails, Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail but I've seen some of these domains on unvalidated registrations that are sitting in the spool and most of them are returning Service Unavailable or Unknown User which is odd.

Just something we're working out as we work through the kinks regardless I can validate you if you contact me in some manner, theres no reason to continue registering with different emails just contact me and I'll send you a validation string.

Til then I'm going to try to figure out of this is an xheader issue or if its some kind of weird RDNS block at the firewall but there shouldn't be anything blocking RDNS from everything I can see.

No matter we'll work it out, til then, contact me if you haven't gotten a validation email.
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