CCS API 2.5 - Something you should have fixed yourselves.
Posted by Suzanna Soyinka on August 07 2013 16:18:31
Hey all, been a bit since we've had much to say on this front as we're mostly waiting on API 3.0 to take over for 2.5 as soon as we finish up the encryption for CCS 1.0.5

But regardless of that, the following adjustment must be made to all weapons which use stealing mechanics. The simple facts are your weapons shouldn't be stealing racials from scripted objects that are not a player or CCS meter.

The suggested method is to place the following code into your detected target state.

if(llGetAgentSize(llDetectedKey(0)) != ZERO_VECTOR) { //place damage string in these brackets }

This is a very simple string which says "is that an avatar? then do [stuff], if not an avatar, do not do [stuff]".

Overall just because the API doesn't immediately hand you a solution to something doesn't mean there isn't a very simple application of LSL which can do it for you.

Please implement this into all weaponry that uses stealing mechanics and update your product bases as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time and support of the CCS Community.