Viewer 3.1 and mele
Posted by maldoror on October 22 2011 11:52:44
I want to draw attention to the following extract from the recent Viewer 3.1 release notes.

This release changes the default mouse behavior. Clicking on most surfaces will make your avatar walk there, and dragging the mouse around your avatar works differently from older releases. If you prefer the old mouse behavior, pick Me>Preferences from the top menu, click on the Move & View tab, then change the Single click on land: setting to No action.

If you try to do CCS melee in Viewer 3.1 without making the change in Preferences mentioned, some or all of the mouse up and down clicks that you use to activate melee will be eaten by the viewer. This appears to me based on a quick test to completely wreck scripted handling of the mouse button, so that you end up in melee even though the left mouse button is up and in addition you slide around unexpectedly.

The solution is simple enough: switch the 'single click' action to no action as above.